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Apr 25, 2014
pearlescence Congratulations to our very own Wendy on her TV debut! Copies of her wonderful reference book Pearls: A Practical Guide flew off the shelves and almost completely sold out. (I highly recommend her book, excellent source!!) How cool is it that one of our pearly own is now a TV star!

Wendy, you look lovely in purple! And congratulation on your success and many best wishes for more to come!


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How wonderful. Wendy do look lovely. I love her book and recommend it to everyone. I would have been nervous about being on tv as well.
Fantastic! Wishe we could have seen it live or even recorded! Wendy pearlescence do you have access to a public video of this event? Congratulations! :fest30:

I highly recommend Wendy's book. I have it next to my worktables (amongst 7 others, I recently added Shigeru Akamatsu's "Pearl Book"). I reviewed her book here :01:
Exactly Wendy...what is not to enjoy :) and especially talking about PEARLS.
You look great in the video :You_Rock_Emoticon: