A Few Days of Pearls


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Jan 30, 2014
I've worn pearls and taken pictures for the past few days but haven't been able to post them so here they go. As you can tell I was particularily enamored of my black & white set since I've worn them twice since Saturday! With this strand my earrings were gray Tahitian drop charms from hoops.

The other shots are from a warmer day earlier this week when I wore my white SS tin cup and white metallic earrings. Well hey, it felt like spring for one day!

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Beautiful! I love the tincup with that shirt, the whole ensemble seems really light and bright. Lovely!
That black and white necklace is to die for! Wow! Keep the photos coming... I really admire your collection!
I love the glow of those white SS pearls. Just beautiful. And the black and white strand is gorgeous. Do you wear the bracelet as well?
Thanks everyone - I appreciate the feedback! JerseyPearl - I have the strand and a bracelet so I'm wearing them both in the doubled shots. Red - Yes I do wear the bracelet separately, just not this last time. It's acutally a little long so I may need to take out a pearl or two someday.
I adore the black and white enormously, and all of your collection. I will never tire of seeing your pearls being worn. :)
Both are beautiful strands, but that black and white one makes me sigh every time. Soooo beautiful, and very elegant!
Your pearls are beautiful; I always go for tin-cips, but I love the B&W too!
You have seen some of my photos of Etienne Perret's ceramic rings with pearls, well, this stacked combo would be a great match if it had a nice Tahitian pearl mounted in the center! :)

Etienne black and white.jpg
GemGeek - Great ring idea! You can tell I'm partial to classic black & white!