365 Days of Pearls

Indeed, best edit ever! Lovely pearls; are those little jelly bean keshi strung on wire? So delightful :)

Thanks, Cathy! Yes, wire. To be honest, I really don’t care for the wire. It’s too rigid. I love the Keshi though!
Hmmm ... I thought the wire looked nice. The colors of those little keshi are like jelly beans ... so pretty :)
Always add cake ... always !

I agree with CathyK and like the look of the 'roundness' of the Keshi strand. But I did wonder if it was comfortable being that bit stiff.. but it does give such a good look.

Wonderfull combination !

Thank you, Katbran! I think it looks particularly nice with this type of neckline and it is very comfortable. It’s flexible, I’m sure you’ve come across many like it in your travels. I simply prefer the drape of Beaders Secret, silk, etc. It’s an easy enough fix; i just need to motivate myself to take the thing apart and restring it!
Thank you BAS, Cathy, Charlotta, 86CG, and Katbran!

Day 335:

Coin pearl necklace from Catherine Cardellini and metallic dangles.




Beautiful colors on those coins. Is a necklace like this, with very big and flat pearls difficult to wear? Do they flip?
It’s not difficult to wear at all, Charlotta. Because they are large and flat they stay in place.
Thank you 86CG, SunSeeker, Parrot Lady, and Charlotta!

Several years ago when I purchased that coin pearl necklace from Catherine Cardellini, I also bought a pretty metallic off round strand from her. I’d bought many pieces from Cathy by that time and they usually took about 10 days to reach me. When 2 weeks went by and the 2 pearl necklaces hadn’t appeared, I got concerned. Long story short, they were delivered to the wrong place and the envelope with my name on it was lost. I spent hours on the phone trying to track them down. Pretty much a miracle that they eventually found their way to me!

Out of my many, many pearl purchases, this was the only near miss!
This is the strand that temporarily got lost in the mail with the coin pearl necklace. I was so glad when these 2 necklaces arrived safe and sound!

Catherine’s photo

My photo
What luster. Amazing! I wonder where she sources her lustrous pearls...
I’ve wondered that as well!

Day 334:

White baroque akoya necklace from Pearl Paradise VIP sale, freshwater Keshi and chain dangles from Kojima Pearl.


IMG 8368

IMG 8374

IMG 8378
Perfect combination, the earrings picks up both the color of the shirt and the necklace. Beautiful.
Gorgeous necklace, BN. I wish I had been able to get one but, alas, I was not fast enough so the hunt will continue. I love the luster & they look wonderful on. Those earring are a perfect accompaniment to the strand!!
I have been waiting for your pics on the gorgeous white baroque akoyas BN! Sigh - I too regretted missing out on those beauties at the VIP launch. They pair beautifully with your earrings. Enjoy your treasures!!