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    Hello Adi and welcome to Pearl-Guide. Thank you for your friendship request which I'm delighted...

    Hello Adi and welcome to Pearl-Guide. Thank you for your friendship request which I'm delighted to accept :) I see we have similar interests! I enjoyed looking at the pics in your album - is there any gem more elegant and flattering than the pearl? I think not! I loved the pic of Queen...
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    a few interesting pieces

    IMHO I think they're hideous!!
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    Pearls for tall girls

    Hello brightyellow, thanks for posting your pics, you look stunning in your pearls :) I just love your multicoloured baroque Tahitians and the two necklaces worn together look WOW! I'm tall, 5'10" and 'curvy'. I think we're lucky in that we can carry off big pearls, multistrands and ropes! Have...
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    Tahitian bracelet and earrings

    Hi Addy, congratulations on your gorgeous bracelet and earrings :D The lustre on those babies looks fabulous! My goodness that clasp is just exquisite. May you always enjoy them in good health :) Cheers.
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    Pearl Guide Ruckus 2010

    Ooh I just saw the pic of Russ and Donna, what a lovely pearly couple :) I'm glad Russ took the plunge because his pearl looks fabulous! I love Tahitians on men, my dear late husband wore three bronze/green Tahitian keshi on leather :)
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    Pearl Guide Ruckus 2010

    Thanks so much for sharing these great pics Hanaleimom, everyone looks very happy and relaxed :) The Sea of Cortez beauties look amazing as always!
  7. Keshibelle Reaches Goal of Donating $1 Million Dollars in Pearls to Charity

    **WELL DONE JEREMY** Congratulations to you and your team on reaching this very significant milestone :D
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    More Man Pearls

    I love the design of your necklace John, it looks fabulous on you :)
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    Pearl Guide Ruckus 2010

    A HUGE thanks to all you Ruckusees for sharing your experiences and pics :D. I just love the photos, it's great to see everyone :). Oh yes, and to see those jaw-dropping golden south seas that Jeremy is holding so casually! Mmmm Octavia looks to have been on her best behaviour......or was that...
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    Sea of Cortez fan club

    Ooooh CliClasp this is exciting! I can't wait to see more pictures :)
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    An Amazing Pearl

    Blaire! Your photos are pure pearlnography girl! Thanks so much :D
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    An Amazing Pearl

    *MAGNIFICENT* - the pearl and her setting :D
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    Pearl Farm in the Sea of Cortez

    I've just caught up with this thread :D Congratulations Douglas, as usual I'm in awe of the beauty of your pearls. Thank you for sharing. Your special Precious is amazing! May the harvest continue well for you.
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    Natural Pearls from the Gulf of California-Mexico

    Many thanks Douglas for sharing these stunning natural beauties :)
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    need help

    Hello Joy and welcome to the forum. I'm in Australia and have purchased from Pacific Pearls International (in Sydney). They sell on ebay and I bought some freshwater necklaces from them a few years ago. I now know that these pearls were much lower grade than advertised :( but I was a novice...