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Please help identify a selection of pearl items I am curious about.

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  • Please help identify a selection of pearl items I am curious about.

    Hi all, I know that all you experts will be able to help me with these. The first photos show 3 vintage/antique pearl necklaces the top necklace is an ordinary vintage Akoya necklace which has damaged end pearls. All the other photos are of the 2 necklaces below it and are more special. the middle necklace has the most beautiful lustre and rainbow colours. the bottom one is also very beautiful with great lustre some play of colours but not as much as the middle one it appears whiter than the others. Whilst the 2 bigger stones do not test as diamonds the smaller chips do.

    The second set of photos show the middle and bottom necklace around each other the outer strand is the whiter and has the broken pearls away from its silver diamond set clasp. There are also some photos of the two necklaces on their own. The whiter necklace measures about 22 inches and the pearls are graduated from 7mm to 3mm and the middle necklace is 19 inches long with the pearls measuring from 7mm to 3mm, these pearls are all odd shapes from slightly off round to baroque. both these necklaces have silver safety chains attached. If the whiter necklace with the broken sting is valuable I will be looking to have it restrung. I have looked through the drill hole of the whiter necklace but cannot see much or any brown ring.

    The pearl earrings are set in rose gold which has been tested as 14ct. The seller stated that the pearls might be natural Basra pearls but they were priced as cultured pearls because they could not prove they were natural. I have tried to show photos of the drill holes but have not done a good job with them. I have examined the drill holes but cannot see any brown lines or layers or any sign of a bead. However I know that there is nothing to see if they are freshwater pearls as well, so this doesn't mean anything. the 4 pearls in the earrings are very round and measure 5mm each. although they look well matched there are some slight differences in the colours with some appearing creamier than the other but this is only noticeable when looking very closely at them. There are 2 stamps on the clip part of the earrings 1 looks like an animal standing up (maybe a tiger or a horse, the other stamp looks like a rowboat bottom with a sail made up of loads of candle shapes. or a strange candleabra with a stand with the legs going inwards. could this be some kind of Indian maker's mark? These earrings are clip on earrings and are very uncomfortable if the pearls are very good pearls I will have them converted to posts.

    There are also pictures of a vintage/antique graduated necklace set with a small rose gold 9ct clasp. These pearls are quite yellow and do not appear to have as much lustre as the others.

    There are also pictures of a large white new necklace with is measured at 10mm all around set with a white 14ct gold fillagree clasp. This does not look like my other FWP's as it has a different lustre and is more round.

    Thank you for your interest and I am sorry for posting so many photos.
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    I really can't see the earrings. The bottom one looks like a freshwater to me. I have seen many with that kind of luster. It is especially nice.

    The rest look like akoya necklaces. The 7mm to 3mm is a classic style referred to by its momme weight (which I forget) because it was so standardized. It is world war II and Korean era. The 22" is a baroque akoya with good luster.

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      I agree with Caitlin about the strands and would love to see better-focused photos of the earrings.

      If you can't get it to focus well close-up, try putting something straight in the photo (like a pencil), or turn the camera 90?-- I find doing either helps the autofocus.


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        Thank you all for your comments. I took these photos with my phone. As I work full time and go to work in the dark and come home in the dark I will have to take photos of the earrings with my camera next weekend. So please be patient with me.

        Thank you all again.


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          Wow, even more lovely pearls! I'll look forward to seeing the additional photos, too.



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            More & better photos of pearl earrings

            Hi all

            Here are some better photo's of the pearl earrings that I was told may be natural pearls, I have also tried to show the drill holes although they are quite dirty.

            Thank you for your interest.
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              Nice clear photos! I think they're akoya pearls.
              There is erosion of the nacre away from the bead nucleus in the right earring in the top right photo.

              Pretty earrings!


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                Yes, agree with Pearl Dreams, most likely early akoya pearls with thick nacre. They have great luster. If they were mine, I'd want to have them changed to posts also. Love the rose gold!



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                  Or dangles, since they are drilled through.