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Looking to buy second hand Tahitians to try out.

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  • Looking to buy second hand Tahitians to try out.

    Hi, I have been looking for some second hand Tahitian Pearls to try out, if I like then I might invest in some new ones. I have seen these for sale on Ebay. Would they be worth buying? I don't want to go crazy buying new when I might not like the style.

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    I don't feel qualified to give an opinion on the strand but have a few thoughts.

    If it was me, I would prefer to buy from someone I felt sure was selling me the real deal. You can always check on the various online sellers for their lowest price. I agree that second-hand can be cheaper but I would be worried about what I was getting, especially if it seemed like an amazing deal.

    A long time ago a member here, David who makes incredible pearl creations, suggested this auction site for people in Europe (I noticed you linked to UK eBay):
    I think he said they sometimes sell there. Catawiki have dedicated pearl auctions and I would be more likely to trust them than eBay. I believe there are some forums in the US where people sell their own pre-owned jewelry.

    Another option is to go for barogue / circled Tahitians from inexpensive Etsy sellers like KongsPearl or Wen Pearls (not sure I got that right) as you will know that you are getting what you see in the photos and Tahitians have a way of being a pearl you can always use for _something_, even if you grow into better quality.

    Third option, remembering how some members here had to try many Tahitian strands before finding one they loved, is to buy from a seller you can return to. That could save you a lot of money in the long run, compared to buying good quality Tahitians second-hand and not being able to return if you don't like them. One UK-based seller who is a member here is

    - Karin


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      At 18" long with 61 pearls plus a clasp and knots, the pearls are only 7mm, too small to be likely Tahitians-- more likely dyed cultured freshwater pearls. The purple tones the seller mentions are also typically seen more in dyed freshwater pearls.

      Although the camera might be distorting the shape, I see some eggy and oblong shapes that are more typical of dyed freshwaters.

      Bottom line, these are not Tahitians. I'd avoid them.


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        Something in the pictures make me think these are not Tahitians.


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          The photos are very poor and there is a no return policy. Agree, these are probably dyed freshwater pearls.



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            Thank you so much for all your help. I think I will have a look at buying some that I can return if I don't like them. I have really enjoyed looking at all your pearls. Really fantastic site.


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              Thank you Karin, I just had a look at Catawiki - I am hooked