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Unfamiliar with pearls help?!

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  • Unfamiliar with pearls help?!

    I'm unfamiliar with pearls and due to the knowledge from your dad have figured out that these are pulling out real pearls but simulated there's smooth of including pictures there are no tags and boxes one was a gift from my aunt about 20 years ago the pinkish colored one the other with the bracelet is from an estate auction paid $40 the bracelet says G silver on it the others are all eligible as far as I can tell and I don't have a measuring device so pinkish ones are the same size as the tip of my pinky and the lighter colored ones are 3/4 the size of my pinky I don't know if that helps I'm home written so I have no access to a measuring device. I uploaded my photos but I'm not sure what I'm doing I apologize for any mistakes and if it's wrong will you help me please thank you so much for your time sincerely yours Kelly Kelly
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    Hi Kelly, welcome to Pearl-Guide.

    The white ones look like imitation pearls to me.

    The pinkish ones in the top photo may be imitations as well. There are naturally colored pink/peach freshwater pearls but the color in your strand is too uniform, and the placement of smaller pearls right next to the clasp is something I've mostly seen with imitation strands. But I think I'd need to see a close up on a white background to say more. If there are any flaws or places where the coating is wearing off, zoom in on that.

    You could also try rubbing two of the pearls gently against each other, or against the bottom edge of one of your top teeth. Imitation pearls will glide easily against each other while real pearls will feel a bit gritty or resistant.