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  • New to GSS Buying

    Hi everyone! I'm in the market for making my first GSS purchase and wanted to get your take on the important questions I should be asking pearl dealers to ascertain (a) whether I'm getting a quality authentic product and (b) a fair price. I've perused the Pearl Education section of the website, which has provided a fantastic jump into the world of pearls! However, I must admit, it's also pretty overwhelming as I'm completely inexperienced in pearl buying.

    For those curious, I'm currently in discussion with a dealer based in the Philippines for a pair of 13mm earrings and have been quoted approximately USD $1.3K.
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    Oh my god!!!!!! But the left side seems not very round? And no blemishing on pearl surface, very clean surface with high luster, mirror bright.
    They are really gorgeous GSS!!! But I think the price is toooooo high. I know many vendors sell GSS, but they price approximately USD $1K.....


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      Thanks for your reply, alice Chan! Yes, my fiance and I noticed that one of the pearls didn't appear as round as the other so it's good to get another opinion on it. Also appreciate your note on the price (since we're not too familiar with pricing yet) - we'll keep this in mind when we discuss with the seller.


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        I’m curious about the price(USD $1.3K). Dose it include in a finished pearl earrings or just a pair of loose pearl? If the pearl earrings mounted on 18K gold & diamond. May be it is a reasonable price. But if only loose pearls. I personally think that is too high price...


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          As you accurately guessed, the price is for a pair of finished earrings mounted on 18K gold with small diamonds so we're pleased to know this would be a fair price for such a piece!