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Does a pearl shortener work well to make 18" strands look like they are 16"?

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    Originally posted by cmd2014 View Post
    Thanks! It looks like a handy thing to have, but many of the ones I have seen have maxed out at a 8 mm pearl (and I would like to use them on my Tahitian strands and larger freshwater ones too).
    In terms of size, I thought I would need at least a medium for that strand, but the small one -- as tiny as it is -- is almost too big for it. I would think the medium or large ones would be big enough for your Tahitians.


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      Originally posted by kelluvpearls View Post
      Thanks the back photo Tucs, I found my old pearl shortener and will try shortening my strands this weekend.
      I also find that now I can adjust the length to the specific collar I'm wearing -- sometimes I want 16" but sometimes (as in the photo) 17", etc.


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        Great info on this thread - I'm loving it! I did a "How To" guide using the Pearl Shorteners that Pure carries since I do field questions on this from time to time, but yeah my shorteners max out on pearls bigger than 8.5mm. On my way to check out my supplier for more options!

        Purrahna, your designs are To Die For pretty! Keep stringing and posting!
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