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  • Kasumi Pearl Book

    Is there a good book you would recommend on the history of Kasumi Pearls?

    I do plan on buying Elizabeth Strack's, Pearls, does anyone know if there is information in there?

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    Pages 417-419 of Strack's book are about Kasumi pearls.

    There is also information on these pearls in Renee Newman's book, Pearl Buying Guide 6th edition:


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      Thanks so much!


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        Kojima pearls will also send out a packet with information about Japan Kasumi Pearls if you contact them.

        From the Kojima Pearl website:

        If you are interested in some more historical information on Japan Kasumi pearls...You are welcome to send us an email and we will ship you a small packet of information.
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          Thanks Black Pearl Dude. That is good to know. I do plan on ordering a ring from them.