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Video Review : How Do Natural Pearls Form?

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    Nothing would impede the formation of a pearl over sand...except the fact that the mollusk easily displaces it out of its shell by means of mantle movements, mucus productions and inner currents. But, if you were to use some glue...yes, I believe sand would stay there and become a blister pearl. We could make "sand implants" by compressing and attaching sand grains together and then using these to produce pearls...but this is far from being a natural process.[QUOTE]

    I am glad you mentioned this. While true, it's only true in a very narrow order of it's class, where the mantle can be reflected. This is not the case in Hyriopsis, Unionidae, Margaritiferidae and Mytilid (fresh and salt mussels) and a greater part of bivalvia, the mantle is attached to the shell at the base of the periostracum. Lodged grains of sand have no pathway for sloughing or expectoration when shells become cracked or the mantle perforated. Again, this alludes to my assertion from a pearl culture standpoint only. The way farmed pearl oysters behave is not a perfect analog of how other molluskan species behave in the animal kingdom. Far from it. Those who say this has no bearing on anything economic I might expect, but not from the scientific world. There's a burden that's not being met by the labs. Again, the near complete absence of pathology in their certifications. The evidence is offered, but with no takers. Why? No money?, probably. Willingness?

    This isn't new. I've been saying it all along. Several years ago, I posted an image geoduck shell with a bunch of sandy pearls, (I suppose that's searchable). I'm content with debunking the degree common knowledge suggesting where grains of sand are implicated, but that's where it ends.

    At the end of the day, why is this even a thing? A new myth does not replace an old myth. Moreover, perplexed why the labs have the optics of going down this road?

    Originally posted by CortezPearls View Post
    What I see here is that you have a TON OF GREAT DATA, but it has not been published in a peer reviewed article. I believe once you have this it will become a unique moment in the understanding of pearls for Humanity, but this is a pre-requisite for this acceptance...well, because the world is as it is today (and it ain't no different!). Even if you did not have an could write a book! Self-publish it and just hand out this knowledge to all, thus the ideas will be able to gain traction and eventually acceptance. Your name could become associated with the final understanding (something I believe is not possible until we reach the quantum field understanding, but that is just me) of how pearls are produced.
    Thank you for that advice. Data is great, but data needs to be compiled. I have mountains of data. It's hard enough to get a research assistant to count cells, no less quantitative analysis of an entire field. Stuff like this is hard to teach online to students without biological prerequisites, textbooks and white boards. I draw a lot of diagrams in my lectures and things move along fine. I've tried my hand at 3D animation, but others are better at it.

    Pearls aside, the whole climate thing and it's glaring patterns in bio stratigraphy, is something yet again. It's frustrating to see all the good money thrown after bad on that one. A lot of deaf ears there too.


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      Yes, I get your point...I forgot that marine mussels do have their mantle very much "attached" to the shell (unlike Pteriidae) so it could be more difficult for them to get the sand out. We have several species of Mytiliids here in the Gulf of California and I did work (and ate!) with these for years. I even found natural pearls in them.

      I only kept one of these...probable cause: parasitic intrusion. It was very evident on the shell, where it was almost attached to, but never dared cut in half to find further evidence.

      I understand you COMPLETELY, 100% when you state that data must be compiled, then finally have it become information that can be used by others to back a statement. I suffered from the same ill when working at the pearl farm...sometimes I could not even collect data! Because I had my hands full with just plain ole work!

      The way we do things down here is that we approach a Master's degree student with the project, get him involved and then -hopefully- it will work out and he will have a precious paper and will be able to graduate. You end up as the main researcher and you also get the paper. Win-Win situation, but you have to find that particular student, and it is not that easy.

      I can only wish you the best of luck in this search for the optimal solution to this issue. It is definitively not easy and without the's even more difficult since we basically have to "work the grind" daily and that leaves you with little to no time or energy to gather and analyze data, sort it, come up with hypothesis and finally present this information.
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