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Natural pearl necklace-advice/opnions please

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  • MSC
    I'll echo what Pattye said, a reputable vendor will have obtained a lab certification to authenticate if they are natural pearls by a consensus of experts.

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  • pattye
    Welcome, pgilbert!

    Thank you for posting the photo, but unfortunately we cannot tell much from it; natural pearls must be examined by qualified pearl experts in person. So getting the certificate is most important.

    Black is not a good color for showing luster; a plain white paper towel works better with more close up photos. Even so, we would not be able to assure you of purchasing natural pearls.

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  • pgilbert
    started a topic Natural pearl necklace-advice/opnions please

    Natural pearl necklace-advice/opnions please

    Dear Pearl Experts,

    I'm looking to buy a natural pearl necklace and found a vendor having one .
    He claims it to be natural pearls (in fact Basra pearls -I know its most abused term).
    But as you know here in India Natural pearls are often referred as Basra pearls.

    Can you please help me in identifying if they are natural or not.
    Or your opinions would be very helpful.I have requested for certificate and like all jewellers they would be providing a certificate from Mumbai(Im said that its age old process of authentication of natural pearls in India)

    Any advice/suggestions/opnions are most welcome

    Thanks a lot
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