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What do you think these are? How much should a string like these cost?

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  • What do you think these are? How much should a string like these cost?

    What do you think these are? How much should a string like these cost?
    Click image for larger version

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    To me (not an expert) they look like freshwater pearls because from the photo, some of them look a little flattened or "eggy." Freshwater pearls (except for some of the newer, large bead nucleated ones) don't have a round nucleus inserted to form around so they often have that shape.

    It's hard to tell exactly what you have there, though. Can you take some photos on a white paper towel, preferably in natural filtered light, such as from a covered patio or indoors by a window? Then we could get a better look.

    Also, how many mm are the pearls? How long is the strand? What metal is the clasp made of? How would you describe the color?


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      They look like the bead-nucleated freshwaters we are seeing more of these days. Some strands at TJ Maxx have been seen lately at $299 but those were multicolored stands, 12-15mm. I have not yet seen any bead nuke all-white strands there.

      I think maybe some of the bead nukes have non-round nucleuses. I don't know this for sure but I see off-round bead nukes on other websites, so have concluded this may be the case.

      What size are they?


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        The surface doesn't seem to be the best. (Sorry, newbie trying to train her eye!)
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          Size: I believe 12-15mm
          The strand is ~17in
          metal clasp is 14kt

          Here are more pictures against paper towel: (tried to capture with natural light)
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            My guess is Pearl Dreams is right, bead nucleated freshwaters at that large of a size. Also that peachy-pink color further indicates freshwaters. I think it would be very unusual in South Sea Pearls. Yes, the surfaces are a bit rough. Someone on here recently posted a 12-15mm strand like these but they were multi-colored and looked to be in better shape, and she paid $299. That seems very inexpensive, but still if you are asking what you can get for them secondhand, I'd think probably not more than $200. But again, I'm no expert.


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              Thank you for all the feedback so far.. young spat here so I am learning...


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                That is the same size at the T J Maxx strand. I see now they are not white.
                So the going price is around $300 if you are buying them, less if you bought them and are selling them.


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                  $300 at TJMaxx???..wow! didn't see anything these at my TJmaxx. I saw other ones that I didn't care for.

                  Is $300 for the quality and size a good deal?


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                    It is, if you want the item...it isn't, if you don't!


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                      I have freshwater pearls this size and with the same look. They are worth what you want to pay for them as Pearl Dreams say We've having a good talk about the fads and fashions of pearls here on PG and I would say these large FW water pearls comes in that category.

                      This strand is not to be considered an investment but if it's a look you like and you are not spending money you'd rather save for even better pearls, they are right for you.

                      - Karin


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                        Well, if she has them in hand to re-photograph them, she probably owns them. The feedback holds true though.

                        I like that they're greenly-pink. I like them for fun, and the luster's nice!
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                          thank you for all the feedback.