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    Okay I messaged her but she has not been on here since early November...hopefully she'll get an email notification of a private message.

    I don't know of any good places to buy pearls in this area. B&M stores carry pearls, of course, but there isn't anywhere I would put down my money, as the selection is small and the prices high.


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      I went back and found this posting on another forum (not PS). I think it is the Pearl Paradise comparison photo you are talking about, but I think the Pearl Queen who posted it added the letters. Here is the photo and her description:

      A ? White Metallic strand with silver and slight ivory overtone

      B ? White Metallic strand with strong ivory/copper overtone

      C ? Freshadama with strong rose overtone

      D ? Freshadama with ivory overtone

      E ? Akoya AAA with silver overtone

      F ? Akoya AAA with ivory overtone

      G ? Akoya AAA with Rose overtone

      Click image for larger version

Name:	white pearl comparison.jpg
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Size:	29.1 KB
ID:	354390


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        Originally posted by khanzy View Post
        LitGeek, I have been wondering about how those two would visually compare. The metallic whites seem to be a bit more cool toned which wouldn't suit olive skin like mine, what do you think? I would love it if you were to take photos comparing the two (also with neck shots!). I have seen Freshadamas vs white metallics like this:
        https://www.pearl-guide.com/forum/sh...lic+freshwater but I am a bit confused... Pearl Dreams, they are both amazing strands, do Freshadamas usually have a bit of a warmer tone or did you pick a strand that has a subtle color to the pearls?

        Hahaha I am exercising my last bit of self-discipline by not opening the AAA's. I am still so distracted by looking at pretty necklaces online :O
        The metallics are available in different overtones. PP did have creamy metallic strands available earlier this summer. They were gorgeous and I am kicking myself for not getting a strand or triple strand! You might see if PP has any left or if they can add you to their list when Jeremy finds more.

        I ordered the metallics and freshadamas to compare IRL. I will let you know what I think when I receive them later this week


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          That was the photo! Thank you!


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            Originally posted by Pearl Dreams View Post
            That was the photo! Thank you!
            You are welcome


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              Hi Kids, remember we can rate this thread ​at the top of the page. Give it enough stars and it might be easier to locate later.


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                That's awesome, thanks LitGeek! The silver and ivory strands certainly appeal to me more against the white background.


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                  Originally posted by khanzy View Post
                  That's awesome, thanks LitGeek! The silver and ivory strands certainly appeal to me more against the white background.
                  ITA! I have a 36" long strand of white with silver overtones akoyas from PP and the color really pops against my fair skin. I really love them, but they are a little too white to wear with cream/ivory clothing (just my opinion of course). I would love to have some creamy freshwater or akoya strands too


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                    Freshadama Strand Arrived! First Impressions

                    So I finally received the Freshadama 6.5-7.5mm 16" necklace from PP that I ordered to compare with the AAA grade strand of the same size and length. I have to leave for a week in FL tomorrow so I won't have time to take good photos or assess them in normal light, but I definitely will when I return, and by then I would have also received the metallic drop multi!
                    As someone who has only seen pictures of pearls online, and some poorer quality strands at department store jewelry counters I might not be the best judge of how these strands look, so feel free point out any misconceptions I might be making.
                    Here goes:

                    1) There's definitely more luster in the Freshadama strand compared to the AAA, but what strikes me the most is the uniformity and roundness of the former. I didn't expect shape to matter as much to me as it turned out, but that might also be because the luster is pretty high in the AAA strand. The pearls were visibly off-round, which was as described by the seller, and individually they look fine but as a whole strand that is when the difference becomes very visible. The pearls in the AAA strand tended to be longer vertically (perpendicular to drill hole axis) so that there was more of a gap between pearls that made the knots more visible. It didn't seem to be due to a difference in how thick the knots were or anything, so I am attributing it to the shape.

                    2) The Freshadama were rosier than the AAA strand. I actually preferred the color of the AAA strand a bit more because of the contrast it created against my skin. So now I am debating whether to keep the Freshadama or try to exchange for an ivory/silver strand. Regardless of what happens with the Freshadama it is clear that I will be returning the AAA and sticking with gem quality in future purchases. When I contacted the PP Facebook page about this initially to ask about color selections, they replied that most Freshadama strands sent to customers were silver rose but that the differences were slight compared to Akoyas, so that there wasn't even a dropdown menu option to select overtones for Freshadamas.

                    3) There are stiff, sharp pieces of something, glue?, on two of the knots near the clasp on the Freshadama strand. I couldn't find anything similar on the AAA strand. I don't know if this is normal or a production flaw. Could anyone tell me if this is typical or should I be concerned? I could also still spot 2-3 mm wide blemishes (indentations and marks that look like when you put pressure on something and it starts to cave in) on a few of the pearls on the Freshadama strand, also closer to the clasp. Please let me know if this is to be expected.

                    4) Even though both strands were sold as 6.5-7.5 mm, the pearls on the Freshadama strand looked larger. This is most likely due to the even roundness, again (also, how is the size measured? is the measurement just the distance the pearl is at its widest? if so, I can see how if a pearl is longest perpendicular to the drill axis, it might appear smaller because its technically narrower width)

                    In summary, I really preferred the Freshadamas because of exactly the features you guys described as well as what was clearly noted on the seller website. I guess I had to really see for myself to decide what I personally would accept, and the Freshadama quality won out in the end. I do have reservations about the overtone as well as the blemishes (and odd knot glue"?) I saw on the strand I received, so I would love your input on that. I will work on photos after New Year's.

                    Happy holidays everyone!


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                      My suggestion is that you return the Freshadama strand, ask for a more silvery tone instead. I have a silver ros? strand (my first strand ever from PP) that my daughter knows is hers whenever she decides to take me up on it, because it is perfect on her skin.

                      A few of my Freshadamas have little flaws like what you describe-- they are advertised as "virtually flawless", not completely 100% flawless. I do think it's good to know what features matter most to you, and to communicate that to the vendor. To some ladies it may be paramount that the pearls be as nearly round as possible, or to show more orient, or to have fewest flaws, or that they be a specific tone...it may not be possible to have every feature you desire, to the nth degree, in a single strand (because these are natural products.)

                      I know oval pearls are measured perpendicular to the drill hole, but I'm not sure about pearls that are just off-round.


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                        I know oval pearls are measured perpendicular to the drill hole, but I'm not sure about pearls that are just off-round.
                        As far as I know, this is true for off rounds also.

                        Thank you, Khanzy, for the thorough evaluation. Soon you will have the perfect strand for YOU!



                        SO MANY PEARLS, SO LITTLE TIME----


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                          Hi khanzy, I have quite yellow/green undertones in my skin and ivory pearls look so much better to me. Rosy overtones can look really great, too. I highly suggest you try some ivory/cream pearls on! Even a pair of earrings would give you a good idea of how the color works for you - often it is instantly obvious what your preference is once you see them on, so it is a great idea to see some in person. Also, back to your question of a gold or silver clasp for a multi-toned necklace, I think you should go with whichever you prefer abstractly. It's pretty rare that one or the other actually clashes with the pearls. I have had the debate myself a few times, but I so prefer gold that even if I think the necklace looks slightly better with a silver clasp...it still looks better ON ME with a gold clasp, if you see what I mean. And who cares what it looks like all by itself!

                          Oh, and it is normal to seal the final knots near the clasp with some kind of epoxy, yes.

                          So fun to follow you in your quest.


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                            If you are going shopping, you can tell what colors flatter your skin type by laying them across the top of your wrist - works like a charm!


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                              Pearl Dreams, thank you for the advice. I ordered a Freshadama 16" strand (6.5-7.5mm) with matching earrings (7.5-8.5mm) and asked for silver overtones, no rose or ivory. It should get here this Thursday- I believe my little Goldilocks adventure with the classic strand has come to a close! Will post comparisons when they arrive.

                              Thank you, Pattye. I hope that my observations will help future new buyers that are uncertain about quality differences between the grades and have price considerations. It has been a great learning process for me.

                              Theseventhsphinx, I totally agree about the gold and am happy I am not the only one that ponders over minute details such as these. Now what would you say is a good size pairing between earrings and necklace? I love your golden/pink pairing in your latest blog post, metallics are divine.

                              Thanks for the tip, GemGeek! I definitely used it for my photos in the next post.

                              In necklaces, little surface/knot flaws don't hold my attention anymore I have found I am more nitpicky about roundness and luster evenness within a strand, as you will see with the metallic multis.


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                                Photo Heavy Freshadama White, AAA White, and Metallic Multicolor Drop Necklaces

                                1) white 16" Freshadama with silver rose overtones and yellow gold fishhook clasp
                                2) white 16" AAA with yellow gold filigree clasp
                                3) 18" metallic multicolor drop with yellow gold ball clasp
                                (all from PP)

                                Below are some photos of each strand indoors and outdoors with skin tone comparisons. I think the Freshadama overtone is too rosy on my arm, what are your impressions?

                                I also noticed that the knots of the AAA strand seem to be larger making the pearls farther apart than on the Freshadama strand.

                                There are a lot of great metallic pearls on the metallic strand with crazy orient and color shift, but they are mixed with pearls of lower luster that I don't really consider to be metallic luster, at least not when next to these great pearls (context matters = understatement). I'm not sure if the photos adequately showed this but I put the AAA and Freshadama strands next to the metallic necklace and these "low luster" pearls (showing two in the photos here) seem to be less lustrous than the AAA.

                                I asked PP customer service for some photos of other metallic multi strands but I am having a hard time deciphering luster because of my inexperience and their light box conditions. If you guys want I can post the photo here for your thoughts but for now I feel like I will be returning this instead of making an exchange because although the other pearls in this necklace are gorgeous it bothers me a little that not all of the pearls are actually metallic, and they look somewhat out of place especially since they are bordered by the best pearls and are in conspicuous places- not concealed by the neck. At the same time it is growing on me so I am really conflicted..help! I don't want to burden customer service all that much.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	AAA Fresh in.jpg
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Size:	35.9 KB
ID:	354566
                                AAA left, Freshadama right (indoor)

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	AAA Fresh out.jpg
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Size:	38.3 KB
ID:	354567
                                AAA left, Freshadama right (outdoor)

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	Fresh AAA out.jpg
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Size:	36.0 KB
ID:	354570
                                Freshadama left, AAA right (outdoor)

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	arm in.jpg
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Size:	20.2 KB
ID:	354568
                                AAA, Freshadama, multi (indoor) on the metallic strand, a low luster pearl is above my personal favorite pearl

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	arm out.jpg
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Size:	19.2 KB
ID:	354569
                                AAA, Freshadama, multi (outdoor)

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	Multi in.jpg
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Size:	34.5 KB
ID:	354575
                                metallic multicolor (indoor)

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	Multi out.jpg
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Size:	35.4 KB
ID:	354576
                                metallic multicolor (outdoor) look at those colors!

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	low 1 in.jpg
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Size:	27.8 KB
ID:	354571
                                low luster pearl 1 bordered by two metallic pearls (indoor)

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	low 1 out.jpg
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Size:	30.2 KB
ID:	354572
                                low luster pearl 1 bordered by two metallic pearls (outdoor)

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	low 2 in.jpg
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Size:	24.8 KB
ID:	354573
                                low luster pearl 2 bordered by two metallic pearls (indoor)

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	low 2 out.jpg
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Size:	27.5 KB
ID:	354574
                                low luster pearl 2 bordered by two metallic pearls (outdoor)