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    I'm new here and new to pearls as well, so I thought I'd solicit opinions on the quality of three different sets of freshwater strands. Strands 1 are large, lavender/purple baroques. Strands 2 are pink and apprx 12mm. Single strand 3 is similar in color to strand set 1 but the pearls are smaller, and as you'll see, one of the pearls in this strand is chipped. I'd especially like to know if this chip is an indication that the pearls are of poor quality.

    I've attached 10 pictures. The first five are of the larger lavender baroques. The next three are of the 12mm pinks. The last two are of the smaller lavender baroques with the mentioned chipped pearl.

    Any and all comments will be much appreciated!
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    Generally when it comes to value, larger > smaller, smoother surface > more wrinkled, and rounder > more baroque.

    Your first strand is larger, your second strand is rounder and your third looks smoother (apart from the blemished pearl, which I would omit from any finished strand I knotted.)

    They all have a desirable quality, so get the one that suits your purposes best. Which do you like best?


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      Thank you, PearlDreams! I'm more partial to the larger pearls because of their color and rainbow effect luster. Their clunky shape probably makes them more suitable for a fashion jewelry piece as opposed to traditional fine, but I don't care. I think they are quite lovely.
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        Good question. I like the first ones the best, myself. As for the blemish on the one pearl, sometimes one or two blemished pearls are salted into strands so they can keep costs down. This can make purchasing online difficult, as you can't handle and compare the pearls the way you can when you go to a trade show. Have fun!


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          Thanks, GemGeek! It's good to know that the pearl's chip isn't an unnatural occurrence. I was concerned that the pearls may have been coated in some way.


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            I like the lavenders the best, I'm partial to lavender! They are all pretty though, I agree with PD, you are bound to have a blemished pearl or two in any given strand and can just omit from the finished piece(s). looking forward to seeing photos of what you do with them!



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              I really like the first strand. Very pretty!