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Please assist in finding FWP

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  • Please assist in finding FWP

    I am going to the Hong Kong International Jewelry Fair in March 2006. I will be looking to buy FWP by the kilo. I have been told that I can expect to pay 40 - 50 US dollars for a kilo of low end FW pearls. Will these pearls be both the small and bigger sizes?

    I am writing from South Africa where I have been trying to find a reputable pearl farm as I would like to buy directly from the farms but have not been able to do so. I have now decided to go to the HK fair in the hope of finding a reputable FW pearl supplier. Can anyone help with any useful info before I go?
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    Hong Kong is a good place to start. Zhuji would be better, though. You are going to pay more per kilo in HK than you will in Zhuji. BUT, the dealers size the pearls better in HK and the strands typically string to a full 18.

    You will be able to buy low-end goods for $50 per Kilo in either HK or or Zhuji. You may purchase as low as $10 per Kilo. This is typically only for smaller goods, however. The larger goods (10-15mm) are typically always negotiated per strand, no matter what the quality.
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      Freshwater pearls wholesale!


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        pricing FW necklaces

        At what price normally one can buy pearls strands or necklaces of fresh water pearls for sizes from 6 to 8.5mm from Zhuji, China of good, medium or high quality (A,AA and AA+, AAA) quality?


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          Hong Kong and China

          The Hong Kong show is a great place to buy semi-wholesale. Every pearl dealer in Hong Kong will be there, hundreds to choose from! Unless you are buying higher-end pearls, you will buy by the kilo, and this requires buying full hanks of about 50+ strands of each type of pearl. So you need to bring your wheelbarrow. Higher-end pearls can be bought in smaller quantities. It is useful to compare from one booth to another - prices can vary. And you must haggle, all prices are negotiable, but not by great percentages. But one dealer may sell significantly lower than another, so shop around.

          Zhuji, China is definitely the place for bargains, but it is very difficult to shop there compared to Hong Kong. Stick with Hong Kong unless you're doing very serious volume. I go to Zhuji each month to purchase large volumes, supplying Bead Stores and designers. They prefer to have me do their purchasing for them, and I give them unbeatable wholesale pricing, shipped right to their door.

          More restaurants to choose from in Hong Kong, anyways!