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    I am freelance custom jewelry designer making a switch from gems to pearls. I have been wandering this outstanding website for months.

    I need some references for a company in China, Changzhou Day Colour Jewelry Co., Ltd. I am starting to do some business with them and would like to know if anyone has any experience with them?

    I have worked with other companies and have had mixed experiences. It would seem that everyone wants to treat their customer as if they were a Hong Kong Tourist. Just my humble opinion.

    I am really interested in finding compaies that are interested in selling by letter of credit with inspection as part of the letters conditions. Or any pearl factory that consistantly delivers what they advertise.

    Having traded in gemstone on street corners in the New York diamond district with the helpl of a friend, I find the pearl trade a completely new learning experience. But I do not intend to stop, pearls offer a look and feel that is very difficult to match with gems of any type, well almost.....

    Thanks for your help.
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