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    I'm flying HK-Hangzhou via China Eastern (non-stop). Has anyone flown that airline? I'm a little nervous. Their company refers to customers as "the masses" and they don't answer their Bangkok phone. The airport travel agency had to struggle two hours to get through to them. I didn't want to take the train to Hangzhou so China Eastern solved that problem. However, I have a horrible feeling they are using old Aeroflot planes. I once flew a weird airline out of Chiapas to Mexico City and they were flying an old Israeli fighter jet complete with web seats and gun ports. I got my Diet Coke out of a styrofoam cooler. The plane crashed a week later with seven Bishops aboard. The Bishops ran out of luck. I barely made it. Will my luck hold this time?
    Suzanne from Thailand

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    They are not all bad, I have taken them several times. They are the airline the use when going in and out of Shanghai Honqiao. International flights are pretty good on Chinese airlines as well. Nothing to be worried about...
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      Wouldn't worry about the plane crashes. The service isn't terribly good, but in general the airlines have all deteriorated so don't expect too much and you will be fine. I fly coach BTW. Not sure about the business classes.
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