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Confused and need some pictures

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    That picture is just fabulous. I sure would give my eye teeth and my first born child to have one of those strands. Do you suppose they are all the same size of pearl or do they go smaller to larger? Should one stay with a certain size of pearl in a colour graduated strand or is bigger always better?

    I am heading over to China later this summer and I will hopefully find some nice things, but not only am I Canadian, but a librarian so the fine art of bartering might be more than I am up to!
    So.....in case I totally fail at the bartering end of things, I am pre-buying a couple of strands. That way when I get back to work, I can wear them and just say "It was a challenge...."

    Seriously though, having looked in the jewelry stores around where I live, I have found that the mark-up is just incredible. Buying from an internet site appears to be the way to go, but you have to know what you want. I am doing a couple of trial (inexpensive) purchases first to see how things go.



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      Coloured Freshwater strands

      Hi Carol,

      this is the second mentioning about being a Canadian .... meaning You are no good negotiaters?

      I would recommend to order a strand from Pearl Paradise in at least AA+ quality and when You go to China You would be able to compare this strand with the ones You will be shown. Then You would have a reference strand and it surly would be easier to pick a fine strand from over there... they could not easily deceive You in telling that their quality is the finest AAAAAAAA..... You would have the living proof. On the other hand I understand that You have not so much experience but why throw away good money on even one single, bad strand?

      Good luck


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        Hey, I have a new interpretations of that sort of pearl rankng!

        When you see AAAAAAAA

        Just imagne yourslef running away, yellling AAAAAAAAAAAH!

        Sorry, a weird mood has struck me