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Help choosing between Freshadama strands

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    Pearl Dreams, me too! I love a wonderful pearl with character. Don't get me wrong, gorgeous round pearls are something to lust after, but I just really love the way wrinkles, crinkles, circles, and bands play with color (especially on Tahitians!)
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      To me, a baroque pearl needs to be noticeably baroque.

      Freshadamas are supposed to be the best, smoothest, roundest, best matched, freshwater pearls. If you are not happy with any of the pearls, send them back. If you like most of the pearls, send them back and ask them to swap out the pearls you do not like. PP will make it right, because they want you to be happy with your purchase.


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        I bought a strand of Freshadamas a few years ago and sent them back because I didn't like that I could see the unevenness of the pearls. I've had akoyas for years and so I wanted roundness. Nowadays, I still love my round akoyas but am totally fine with off round Tahitains and golden SSPs. And keshi are one of my all time favorites. If roundness is important to you, then go with akoyas. They don't have to be Hanadamas, but I do think you'll be happier with akoyas. Baroque akoyas are very beautiful, too, and more affordable.