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  • Bulk No Drill Pearls

    I've been enjoying reading threads on here for a few weeks and finally decided to take the plunge, join and talk.

    I am as noob as noob can be. Although I feel like I've already learned a lot of useful information.

    I am in search of bulk NO DRILL HOLES pearls.
    I am not in the market for the gorgeous (expensive) pass onto to my grandchildren pearls.
    I love anything rock, gem, shell etc. I collect what I can. I am looking to fill a few small jars on my shelf with pearls.
    I actually enjoy the "ugly" ones the most. Rounds are beautiful, but I personally find them boring. I like weird, nontypical.
    I am trying to navigate my way through the internet pearl maze. I know ali and ebay will most likely lead to disappointment.... But that didnt stop me from a few "what the heck I'll see what shows up" cheap buys.
    I dont want to spend a fortune. I am finding it a bit more difficult to find no hole pearls then ones on strings.
    Where is a good place to find some at a decent price and selection. I have been talking with the lady from MZZ pearl company, well until they went on holiday this week. And am building a small order up from her. A "sample" after exchange rate and such I think I'll be spending about $40-$45 on 20 edison pearls.
    Has anyone purchased from them before?
    I did a search of the forum and couldnt see any thread stick out about them.
    And if you have some suggestions on other places online to look I would love to hear them.

    Thank you for your time and I really do love this page.

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    Do you mean undrilled pearls, or pearls that are already drilled but loose so you can string them yourself? Some folks here buy loose pearls from Etsy sellers, like Wen Pearls.


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      I think she means undrilled. I've never heard of MZZ, so I can't speak to their quality, but I know if you message and ask that Wen can get you some undrilled pearls. She even has some listed in her shop. If you're looking for something baroque, maybe you would like her rosebud pearls? https://www.etsy.com/listing/472865493