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Where can i find decent pearl jewelry... Bare with me....

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    A while ago I bought some AAA NR dark mix as well as som dark clean drops to create a set of earrings and a tin cup for my mom. The 3As were a mixed bag. According to their grading scale, I would only classify 1 out of 7 as 3A in terms of surface and color and that one was definitely drop shape, not NR. None of them had "high" luster. Two of them were in such bad shape surface-wise that I ended up using some Tahitians I had bought secondhand to replace them. The drops and 3 of the 3As were just a medium grey. No overtone or anything. The drops were clean, though, I will give them that. My mom was very pleased with the set, but I could make a necklace out of cat poop and she would love it. I ended up giving her my keshi akoya strand from PP because she wouldn't shut up about how much she loved it every time I wore it and my dad bought her a metallic white strand from PP for Christmas to match and she wears those much more. That was the only order I ever placed with TPH and it was a while ago, so maybe they were just having an off day, but I'm not willng to risk it. I was located in the US at the time and shipping was quite quick, I'll say that.


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      LVLanghanke, your story sounds very disturbing to me. Jac has all sorts of pearls, but (at least with my orders) I could only thank him for always being consistent and honest with grading. Did you message him upon receiving the order? I mean actually having to discard his 3A graded pearls for surface issues.. that's like thunderstorm to me! Was the situation resolved in any manner?..
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        I did not contact him, no, because honestly, I didn't think to. I generally consider Etsy a risk, so I just kind of accepted it and then closed my account after another bad purchase from a different seller (for something else entirely) made me lose faith. I'm just sticking to self-supported venues from now on unless I feel like taking a chance on eBay every now and again. Looking back, I definitely should have said something. It's far too late now, though. If he's been consistent with you, and all I really see are glowing reviews on PG, I assume he was having an off day.


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          At least my mom likes the set. And that's what matters most.