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Grandpearl certification by PEPCA

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    Hello Douglas,

    This is what I saw on one of the Rakuten seller's webpage in regard to number of Akoya pearls that achieved Grandpearl or Superpearl certifications by PECCA, last updated in 2016. I have also spoken to some other sellers that handles Grandpearls and they confirm it is still around 200 certifications/year, the majority of these Grandpearls go to the Chinese market.

    The process of selecting Grandpearl is more or less like a 'beauty pageant' and the judgers are Directors/Executives from major pearl companies in Japan. Judging criterias covers all aspects of the pearls but the inspection is done by visual method ONLY. It is therefore a very subjective process and leniencies were given to companies who did not 'qualified' for a few years in a row.

    It is an interesting certification but I too would not pay for the tag. Hope this is something useful to be added to your 'nacre'base.

    Click image for larger version

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      This is truly interesting CoffeyCat
      And grading/matching is usually done this way everywhere...visual appraisal, especially if the pearls seem clean and lustrous. You compare a given strand (a Hanadama, for example) to the one you believe is "superior" and if it catches your fancy: Sure, why not?
      We do have the Value Appraisal System that is not standardized of course, but this is why I trust the Japanese Pearl Lab for the Hanadama certificate: they are a specialized pearl lab.
      So, my guess was good
      And thank you for joining us here at the forum...this has been educational and fun. Hope you will stick around for more!
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