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Looking to buy my first necklace, or two

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    Hi Rokor:

    Sorry, I'm a bit late to this party. I'm not sure about that Miki clasp. Also, the pearls don't look that great.

    I'm not sure about Sea Magic. I have a strand of Blue Lagoon that belonged to my Aunt Love. This was another of the less expensive Mikimoto brands, and the pearls look amazing, but small (6 mm).

    Personally, I've been thrilled with the Hanadamas with certificates I bought from Pearl Paradise. And Pearls of Joy also has amazing Hanadamas, too. Plus, both have generous return policies, so I've returned pearls that weren't to my liking. Both are are online vendors and they want you to be happy or they will accept returns. That's their business model. An Ebay or other purchase of a used necklace may not allow returns.


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      I'll definitely post some higher resolution photos once it arrives, hopefully tomorrow or early next week. I've also decided I'd like to play with lengths longer than 18" but it's difficult finding a quality necklace that fits into my budget after all these potential buys are added up on my mental checklist, I'm sure I can't get away with a 100" though, haha. BWeaves, I've decided to pass on the Mikimoto silver clasp. It just didn't speak to me in the same way some of these Tennyo's or WSS strands are starting to and it was a restoration project at the very least. Maybe if the pearls were more of what I've come to expect from Mikimoto I would jump at it but they don't seem to have been well taken care of if they ever started life in such a condition. I'm currently awaiting some more WSS options from someone via email and in the mean time I'm bidding on a larger sized Akoya, and contemplating a 8mm-11mm WSS necklace that's quite close to my preferred colour and quality. If all things go as planned I should own 3 very different relatively high quality strands by the end of next week! From that point I will begin to compare and sus out what aspects of each I dislike and enjoy the most and I should be able to come up with my ideal necklace from there.


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        My first Akoya necklace arrived, finally. Here are some photos.Click image for larger version

Name:	DAE003A2-5346-43E1-964F-9AC6B31AC158.jpg
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Size:	56.2 KB
ID:	396145Click image for larger version

Name:	21F67CF6-7FCB-42FD-A9BC-FB2198AC01C7.jpg
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ID:	396146

        It wears quite neatly against my collared shirts and quality is far beyond what I’m used to. I’m now waiting for a WSSP necklace from Cees in a larger size, I’m quite excited to compare the quality between these two and another WSSP necklace I found on eBay. From pictures alone the strand from Cees takes the cake, but the eBay strand is a 12-15mm strand so size wise it will be the largest. Next is going to be a slightly larger 20” or 22” Akoya that should sit nearer my collar bones when worn with dress shirts. I quite like the way this current Akoya strand sits when wearing more casually with tees though. I appreciate the opinions and help I’ve gotten so far from everyone here, it’s really been an informative experience.

        EDIT: I apologize for the photos coming out sideways, unfortunately it seems the site does this automatically when uploading directly from my phone. Future photos will be from my camera and uploaded via computer.


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          What’s your secret, how do you keep the necklace stationary as you move about? You’ve got it positioned just so, that’s why I’m asking.


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            May I?Click image for larger version

Name:	4AE7F6D9-A306-469F-8F66-632E50C703FD.jpeg
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	5BAE6941-8F04-408F-869C-21DC71441DDA.jpeg
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Size:	140.3 KB
ID:	396148


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              Thank you lisa c for adjusting the photos! And it's just my collar length and the length of the necklace working together in harmony. There's a slight bit of tension on the necklace as it tries to roll down towards the very bottom of the collar all the way around and it never quite reaches below the points you see it at now. I find that with anything from 17"-18" the same effect occurs. I may have issues when it comes to something closer to 16.5" but that strand(the 12-15mm WSSP) is going to be mostly worn with tees or unbuttoned shirts in a more casual setting.


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                That’s a lovely strand you got and it looks great on you. I find that if I crop my photos just a bit they usually upload nicely. I bet your are going to love that strand from Cees. I got my good white south sea strand from him, also my good golden south sea strand when I think about it. They are amazing and work with any clothing. Usually I wear jeans and t-shirt/sweater (depending on the temperature)


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                  A good look, Rokor! Looking forward to seeing your new purchases! Love a guy in pearls!



                  SO MANY PEARLS, SO LITTLE TIME----


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                    So the strand from Cees should be arriving later today and I'm ecstatic. The pictures themselves were great so I can't wait to see them in person. Since my last posting I've also acquired some more necklaces, I was hoping to get an opinion on them actually.

                    First is a 70" 7mm strand. I'm confident these are Akoya, but correct me if I'm wrong please.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	70akoya1.jpg
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ID:	396348Click image for larger version

Name:	70akoya2.jpg
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ID:	396349

                    Next up is one I can't make my mind up on whether or not it's a South Sea strand, either way the clasp is beautiful and the colours are great in my opinion. I'd love to get an opinion from a more trained eye than me on whether this is just Akoya or if it's South Sea!
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	jadeclasp1.jpg
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ID:	396350Click image for larger version

Name:	jadeclasp2.jpg
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ID:	396351Click image for larger version

Name:	jadeclasp3.jpg
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                    And lastly, two strands of vintage 70's "Sea" strands. I'm assuming Akoya and not fresh water based on what I can see, and the tags.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	vintageakoya1.jpg
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Size:	65.6 KB
ID:	396353Click image for larger version

Name:	vintageakoya2.jpg
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Size:	64.7 KB
ID:	396354

                    I also got this interesting necklace with 14k gold beads between every couple pearls, so in total a nice variety of necklaces I would say.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	goldakoya2.jpg
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Size:	9.6 KB
ID:	396355

                    I will update once I get my hands on the new incoming WSSP necklace. I'm very excited about this one and not just because it's my priciest necklace, haha.


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                      Howdy Rokor!
                      You've got some great photos there...the "would be South Seas" look like Akoya to me, if they are not then they would be "Baby South Seas" (years ago some Indonesian producers were producing small -8 to 9 mm- pearls using young silver-lips), but the skin blemishes and color look more like Akoya to me.
                      The first necklace looks like Akoya too, much nicer in quality and the jade clasp is very nice too!
                      And the last necklace looks like freshwaters to me...let us see what others have to say too.

                      Please share the South Seas necklace when you get it!
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                        Whoa! Love a man in pearls. I love they way your pearls sit over your collar. I'm curious if they stay that way as move. The other pearls are gorgeous, too.


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                          Everything looks lovely ! That strand you are wearing looks wonderful on you ! Cees is a great source for pearls and a lovely guy !