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  • Online Purchase - Happy, Happy, Happy

    Hello everyone. I've been lurking on this forum reading all the good advice available, and wanted to pay at least something back to the community. So, I wanted to post a good experience I had buying Pearls online. Generally, I really believe that you need to see gemstones and jewelry in person to appreciate it, but this pandemic has made travel difficult. I wanted to get my lovely wife something special, so I did a LOT of research in this forum about pearls and how to buy them.

    Reading through reviews of vendors, I settled on Pearl Paradise as everyone seemed to speak well of the team there. I reached out via email and got a lovely response, offering to take pictures of some selected strands and also a video. I opted for some 8.5-9.0 Natural Hanadama Akoyas based on the pictures they sent, and selected my strand from the ones offered. I asked lots of questions and PP was happy to answer them. Shipping was simple, and everything arrived well packed and in time for Christmas.

    When I peeked inside the gift-wrapped box, I was immediately wowed. I know a decent amount about gemstones, but next to nothing about pearls... but I have looked at good brands like Mikimoto before, as I know my wife has wanted a nice piece like this for years. Alas, the price... so I was skeptical about how good an online purchase would be. Needless to say, I was super happy. So, to the next person out there trying to decide if it's safe to buy online, I'd say do your research, and then, at least for me, I am glad I took the plunge. The picture below simply doesn't do them justice.

    So thank you community for being a place where I could gather enough information to make an informed - and ultimately rewarding - gamble.


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    Thank you for sharing your Experience Richard. Hope this will help others in the future too!
    And I am happy we were able to help you secure the best pearls at the best value
    Happy Holidays!
    Douglas McLaurin-Moreno
    Admin to Pearl-Guide.com
    Pearl Farming Specialist
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    Your Life evolves in the same way a Pearl grows: with continuous layers of experiences/nacre that add to the Story of your Life on Earth and make you Unique and Beautiful.
    Douglas McLaurin-Moreno


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      Such a lovely strand an an excellent photo as well. This will surely be treasured by your wife and worn a lot. Just stunning.


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        Wow! They just glow, don't they? Enjoy!!!!


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          Ooh Congratulations to you and your lucky wife! Homework and research on what she wanted, mixed with a very trusted vendor who will help you achieve that goal is a WIN every day. Your wife can wear those gorgeous pearls anywhere in the world with pride and joy, and if she wanders into a Mikimoto storefront, a secret little smile and nod to her smart husband )



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            Great vendor choice and stunning necklace! Your wife must be ecstatic!