Valentine's Day Gifts



What would be your ideal Valentine's Day gift? Do you think it is better to error on the side of classic with Akoya earrings, or more exotic with Tahitians? Also, do you think that a strand or a pendant would be better?

I feel like a ring is a little too much. The holiday is romantic enough.

I have to say after seeing this photo of Katherine Heigl, I would go for Tahitians in a heartbeat. Do you think this is a real strand? It seems to feature multi-silver overtones.
Sorry Boo... I deleted the original message 'cause that page was created for a specific PearlParadise customer and I was not sure if I could just post the link in a public forum. Anyway, I like **all** of them :cool:.
I noticed that pic of Katherine Heigl. Yummmm! That is my dream strand.

I am hoping for the bracelet to match my TPO baroque akoyas :)
I noticed them too! They really stand out in that photo.
Yes looks real.
I think a Tahitian pendant or strand would make a very nice valentines gift.
Give me a strand of those any day.:)
15-18 graduated? I'm definitely not that good guessing pearl size, but those look positively huge!

Does anyone look for strands that keep cultured pearls close to what naturals can attain? I didn't know there was a certain instinctive image in my mind of what 'pearls' are supposed to look like until these over the top examples come up to push the boundaries. Obviously, got to accept them, but this doesn't come naturally :eek: - it takes some thinking. Silly? :rolleyes:
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