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PP Gold SS strand from eBay


New member
I'm still deciding how much I like these.

I bit on an eBay best offer - only because they purportedly came from Pearl Paradise, with the box & appraisal. When they arrived, I was surprised at their small size and the amount of blemishing. Being inexperienced, I am now guessing that maybe gold SSs come this blemished, unless you jump to much higher quality. (?) They?re in need of restringing, frayed knots and separated bullion. They don't have the gold *P* logo on the clasp I have seen pictures of.

I looked at PP: Jeremy?s current Gold Baroque SSs are larger (9-11mm). These are 8-9mm, grade AA, and appraised (far) less than the current 9-11s, also AAs.

I know my pics leave something. My Darling bought a close-up lens which has never been used but is stashed in a plastic tub of important electronic acoutrements somewhere, sigh. The color, listed on the appraisal as gold w/ gold overtones, is fairly light (again, my inexperience speaks as best it can) and, depending on the light of course.

So Whaddya Think - should I restring and shut up and wear, or should I restring and put them back on eBay, sale price going toward something bigger, better, brighter, shinier?:eek:


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Pearl Scholar
Hi Narcissa,

The color seems lovely and soft, and I truly do like them! Yes, IMHO, goldens are more expensive, all things being equal. Love the shape, ovals, nicely matched. Not sure when PP started adding the P initial. My goldens have blemishes. Deeper gold is more expensive, as you recognize.

I would leave them laying about to see if they grow on you. It is a perfect size strand to use for layering with other pearls, or adding enhancer/clip-ons. Or mixing with other pearls and gems in a rope, a bit late, the imagination goes wild!

And if that lens surfaces--always happy for more photos!


New member
Ooh! I didn't think of layering them, or an enhancer. Since I am in need of knotting practice still, maybe I'll mess with them first combining as you suggest. I can always restring back to their own selves later. Thanks for the ideas & encouragement, Pattye.


New member
Those are great suggestions from from Pattye! I've always thought of myself as a creative person, but you couldn't tell that from my pearl strands. Exploring forums and other sites has given me a wonderful new perspective on ways to wear pearls.

I know what it's like to get an unexpected surprise from eBay. In fact, I just got one myself. The pearls are nice enough; the problem is they weren't what I thought they were going to be. The more I look at them, though, the better I like them and I think I can use them. It just took getting over the initial disappointment. If it doesn't feel like you made a bad deal (and you don't have a window for returning them), my suggestion is to give it some time, play around with them and see if the problem is the pearls themselves or your expectations. They really are interesting and attractive. If it turns out you don't end up loving them, you'll still have the option to sell them.

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Hi Narcissa,

Right now my computer won't show the pics, but I think they did show yesterday. If that's the case and I remember correctly, only one or two were really sub-par, right? One had a lot of pitting? Anyway, if only a couple are bad, how about just eliminating them, and restringing the rest?

OK, I was able to download the attachment, and get a look at the pics. I counted 2 pearls I'd eliminate for sure, and 3 more if I was really picky, which I might be if I saw them in person. How long is the necklace? I don't know if the loss of a couple of pearls will make it unwearable.

What about eliminating the really pitted pearl, and reorganizing the others so the best are at the front, and the worst right next to the clasp?

Also, what about making it into a bracelet? I love having pearls on my wrist. One can look at them all the time without breaking one's neck looking down at one's bosom.

What if you made two bracelets, and sold one on ebay? That could get a fund started toward your next purchase.

Lisa C
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New member
Wow, a wealth of ideas.

Yes, Lisa, I will try to look at more detail in daylight tomorrow but 2 are definitely "chewed by hamsters" as my daughter described. (This same girl, when she was a preschooler, sat with me on the couch when I brought home my first humble giftshow pearls to show her. She asked "Where do they come from?" and I answered "They're made by oysters!". She peeled a delighted yet slightly pitying laugh and gently corrected me. "Mama, I think you mean made from oysters". When I assured her they were actually made by oysters she could not reply, but sat looking at them with wonder. And perhaps some doubt.)

My own considerable and legendary pickiness also would like to eliminate at least those other 3 you noted. That would be too short, but I could maybe get away with losing the 2 worst. Some of those blemished are obviously and reasonably included because of superior color or lustre. I took a neck shot tonight but will need to try again in daylight, preferably with someone else holding the camera. But in the evening light, and with tired eyes, they looked pretty good! I thought of Blanche Dubois, always making sure she was seen by candlelight. But No - not practical I guess in my life, though perhaps appropriate for my age.:eek:

I hadn't thought of bracelets - haven't worn one since I was about 15, maybe it's time for a revival. I hope I could remember to take it off before scrubbing out the water trough and stuff like that!



New member
I was against the bracelets until I make myself a stretch one (in size comfortable to me. Took me a few attempts before I find a perfect one).
It took no time to it put on or off.
May be it will work for you too…


Pearl Girl
Hi There-

You can also contact some of the vendors on P-G: PP most notably if that's where they originated, but I'm sure there are other vendors that would be willing and able to help- on obtaining fully-drilled replacement pearls for the two or three pieces that are unacceptable. Fully-drilled pearls are much, much less expensive than you'd think, and purchasing two of them might turn out to be a good way for you to get your necklace back up to the quality level you were originally hoping for.

Love the colors, btw- I am more of a soft champagne lover myself, as the very saturated golden hues aren't flattering to my Irish undertones i.e. red. :( Sigh...

As for other crafty and fun ideas, you could also use the pearls to make a funky and long Tin Cup, or Station Style necklace- if you have other pearl types, you could mix them all up together for a very unique piece that in my opinion are eminently wearable! Good Luck and Have Fun~! :cool:


New member
I am amazed and impressed by all the suggestions. I just knew I would like it here.

And Ashley, we are related, somewhere back in genealogical dna. I too have Celtic Coloring: yellow is my worst color, so the softness of these is a far, far, better thing than a (more expensive) deep gold would have been.

Still working toward a neck shot. Camera batteries dead.


New member



Everyone's suggestions were so great. As an experiment I wore them around town for a test drive. People couldn't take their eyes off them. I went to the bank and the teller literally ogled. Do I care what people think? Well, ya. So I am enjoying them and their golden flaws.
In my current *practice makes ... well, maybe not quite perfect* mode, today I restrung them. I'm doing better on my gimp, but still need experience.
Thanks, everyone! And they still may lead another created life yet, in time.


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