Pearl Farming en Espanol :) means in Latin America


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Aug 26, 2005
Hey family! As you may have heard, I'll be giving a talk at the upcoming Pearls by the Bay 2021 event in San Francisco this upcoming month of October (have you signed up yet?) and I'm conducting research for this presentation which is about Pearl Farming in Latin America or "en Espanol" ;)

Wanted to share this article about pearl farming in Peru with you all, as well as the others I will be using for this talk. If you find any info on the subject, please feel free to share it here!

Click here for the article!
Hi Douglas! I read the article in the link and watched the video. I was a little surprised when I saw in the picture that the lady was using a jeweler's saw instead of a power tool to cut the MOP, until when I saw the 3-table set up etc. I am both touched and impressed. If I were single and had no family responsibilities, I would want to quit my day job and volunteer there...

I wish I could go to SF to join the event and listen to your talk... but I can't... so good luck on everything and have a great time!!:You_Rock_Emoticon:
Hey StarryPearl the SF event has been postponed until spring 2022! You may have time to join us then :)