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Oct 19, 2019
My wife re-strung an onyx coin bead necklace with silk and of course it frayed in no time. I think she used 4# (she just said 4) so could someone please recommend a stronger/more resilient thread?
Thank you in advance for you suggestions!
I recommend not using thread at all, but rather 49 strand coated beading wire-- the high number of strands make it both strong and flexible.
I like Beadalon brand.
A few sources:
• Firemountain Gems:
• Or you can get it at Michael's craft stores, Amazon or elsewhere. Very common; should be easy to source. Comes in various colors.

She can use silicone bead bumpers / bead huggers between the beads for flexibility and to protect the beads from abrading each other. These take the place of knots. These come in various colors and 2 sizes.
A few sources:
• Beadalon brand (which I use): beadalon bead bumpers (Google search results)
• Similar item sold by Fire Mountain Gems, probably just as good:

To connect the wire to the clasp, I like to use screw type crimps. There is a tiny screw along the side of the crimp. You loosen it, pass the wire through the main hole of the crimp same as through any other bead, then through the clasp, then double back through the crimp. Then you tighten the side screw with the tiny screwdriver they sell (it's the size of an eyeglass frame repair screwdriver) to secure the 2 wires. For extra security you can add a drop of Hypo Cement (glue) before tightening the screw. These crimps also come in several colors.
• Screw-Tite Crimp beads:
• Scrimps (made by Beadalon): on Amazon:,aps,82&ref=nb_sb_noss

If she is determined to use thread, then I suggest Power Pro, which is a fishing line. It can be bought in white and moss green and various weights.
But I prefer the beading wire. The rough edges of the drill hole in the beads will eventually erode the thread.
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