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Natural color fw pearl strands wanted.


Well-known member
Dec 11, 2004
So many of you out there are traveling the world for freshwater pearls. You see many more than you buy, but I am curious what you have noticed about the natural colored pearls.

I want at least a kilo in assorted sizes and natural colors. Probably 2-10 strands of any size and color. Until I have a wide range of sizes in the natural colors, I don't want to buy a kilo of any one size and color. Ideally, I want a factory or trading company that would send me a kilo of strands with a variety of colors and sizes in the untreated pearls.

Here are my criteria as best as I can present them. I will be happy for any corrections in the language of description of the pearls!

Overall, I want strands that were hand-picked and matched to look "natural" in their slight flaws and variations from roundness and smoothness. I do not want Lake Kasumi or Kasumiga pearls, but something similar, although much more refined, and from China. China is producing perfect large round pearls, apparently without bead nucleation. What I want is the Chinese seconds in roundness and skin surface, but with the most luster and iridescence.


Any and all natural freshwater colors. pinks, peaches, grays, off whites, mauves etc.


I am interested in any and all sizes from 1.5mm to 11+mm. I like strands in at least two different sizes per color. 3 sizes in a color is even better.


Off/round: Slight but visible variation from round in larger sizes- 5mm and up. Greater off/round ok in smaller sizes. No bands. No tails.


Little bumps, wrinkles, dimples, and rough spots. ok, even desirable, on up to 60% of strand- especially if they increase the iridescence at those points -as long as shape is generally round, especially in sizes 9mm and up.

Well, there you have it. For you world travelers, keep an eye out for me and let me know if you notice anything.