My pearls

Still waiting for those autumn pearls. But I did come up with some new ideas though. I am thinking about making a special bracelet for a special person, a familymember. She loves leopard prints in pretty much anything and even adopted a vimsical lamp with that pattern that I didn't use anymore. So a leopard print stretch bracelet I think. I think that I want to add a carved tigers eye bead of some kind for the knots and than maybe some golden south seas, coppery edisons or tahitians and maybe some brownish peacock tahitians? What do you think? Ideas. I just want one carved gemstone and then pearls. If this turnes out pretty I could do some animal bracelets, or wildlife bracelets or whatever.
I also did try to make something else with those pretty tahitian keshis, but no, they will not cooperate...
Since I haven't made anything new, some older favorites that I woun't remake.
My ombre tahitian rope from Cees. Dang this one is pretty gorgeous.
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A masterpiece. My blue tahitian strand from Pearlescence. I love this one. Together with my white south sea strand from Cees. It's really the only white strand I need
I have some more favorites that I don't remake to show you soon
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Charlotta I am catching up with your thread. So much fun to see all these new strands and your creativity!

Such beautiful strands you have imagined and set forth to make. They are all quite lovely. I must say your Ocean Waves, and your Sunshine strands made me smile! I love your painterly strands :heart:
Oh I love your ombre Tahitian rope. Gorgeous ! That strand is truly a masterpiece.
Thank you AzFlyGirl. You are right, that ombre tahitian rope from Cees is a masterpiece. It has everything, hardly a blemish, round, great luster and color. That and my rainbow strand from Pearlescence are the two strands with the most classic perfect pearls. Not that I don't like the other, I have a fondness of quirky shapes and circles.
Those painterly strands are so fun to make. I am working on an autumn strand now, but it gets dark so early. The colors don't show up so well with a lamp. I probably have it done next week or something.
Some photos of my rainbow strand if you haven't seen it before AzFlyGirl
Well I cannot upload photos in this tread either, since I posted more than 4,01 mb in total. I can always make another profile CortezPearls, Charlotta 2.0 perhaps. I am sneaky that way.
Those are breathtaking Charlotta :07:
Yesterday I went into the CPanel -yet again- and re-did the attachment option to allow for photos up to 10 Megabytes! So, I don't really understand what is happening. I will probably have to reach out to Tech support again :(
Since your v.2.0 is a new user it will require moderation for the initial posts.
Thank you CortezPearls. I might make me an updated My pearls 2.0 as well. This tread is so very long and it's difficult to find anything on it when I want to check something for example.
I have lots of new creations snd remakes, but haven't had time to take any photos in weeks. Soon I hope.
Not a bad idea! :)