My pearls

I did get other colors of jadeit beads, well they were mixed. I remade the jadeit pig bracelet some. Well I did remove some peacock tahitians...
​I also made this reversable bracelet, one lilac side with a tahitian and one green side with a south sea pearl. I just svivel it around when I want a change. Complete with a cat hair...
I did play some with the different colors the jadeit. This is a perfect companion for either of the other bracelets above.
Mixed up
I did make another impressionistic inspired bracelet, Stormy Sea. This is what the sea looks like when the weather is bad. Not in the least inviting. Rather cold and gloomy.
I made this one with really dark tahitians, silvery blue akoyas and jadeit. Mostly from Pearlescence, Druzydesign and cmw pearls. I'm not sure I love it though. It's pretty with the other bracelets above as well as the morning mist strand.
Maybe it grows on me. Well see. I did make an Oceans Wave strand this week that I really love. Oceans Wave is one of my favorite quilt pattern as well. I have a pretty smaller quilt that I made by hand in this pattern. I show you as soon as I have some photos.
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I like the jadeite flower bead and pearl combination. But funny enough: I don't like it when they are on equal terms with the pearls (half-and-half). I lile them when there are less beads (accents) or when the pearls are the accents.
These are very interesting and nice creations Charlotta :heart:​​​​​​​
Thank you CortezPearls, I also find it hard to incorporate gemstone beads with pearls. Normally I prefer to just use pearls. The jadeit beads do however bring out the colors in those otherwise quite silver gray tahitians, especially in sunshine. I am however back to just pearls having remade two strands this week. And planning an autumn one after looking at this tree today.
Waiting on a few pearls first. Sometimes I do make something entire different...
WOW Charlotta this is what you meant by impressionist creations!!! I absolutely LOVE the reversible bracelet!!! It’s truly like a pastel impressionist painting...simply lovely:heart: I like your combinations and agree with Douglas that somehow my favorites are when there is one kind of the bead that is predominant and the other is an accent...but do keep exploring, it is such a pleasure to watch your creations!!!!
Thank you eolian pearls. It accually really fun to try to capture something like the sunrise or the ocean. I tried to make a Day strand as an opposite to the Night strand, but no inspiration whatsoever. The Spring Flower bracelets however was easy to imagine. I am itching to make an autumn strand and for once I have accually taken some photos of some trees and of some purple asters. And I took the forest road back from work so that I could watch the trees alongside the road. Not only firey colors, some trees accually take on a more lime green color instead, almost spring like. I have to wait for a pearl delivery though, so still some weeks to go. I have put aside some circled golden south sea pearls and some green tahitian drops for this project.
I have lots of ideas but not all the pearls. These projects has deminished my clasp stash, what with two clasps for every strand. I had to order new ones. I have found some new favorite combinations though. That Sunset strand does have a special place in my heart.
My precious...
You are like a Master Painter taking cues from Nature to find his perfect Palette of Colors, and then goes to search for these colors from minerals, plants and even animals. Your descriptions make me feel like I am studying under this Master Painter as he/she lovingly explains the intricacies of palette selection. I love this: THANK YOU!
I mean it!
Thank you CortezPearls. Whilst waiting for pearls for my autumn strand I play with the pearls that I already have. I so wanted to make a sea strand, then I recently got an idea about making an Oceans Wave strand, with the shorter ombre blue tahitian strand from cmw pearls. I made those two ombre blue tahitian strands with the pearls from five bracelets. I really only need the one ombre blue strand, even though they look lovely together. For seafoam I used bluish white south sea pearls from Druzydesign. So I made this strand with waves in different sizes. The 4,5 inches long extender is one wave. The longer strand is 17,5 inches like the other impressionistic inspired strands.
I am quite happy with this one and sort of accidentally made another painterly strand because of this one, whilst restringing, that I will show you soon. Come to think of it I could sort of tell a story just connecting all those a secret code. Oceans Wave is one of my favorite quilt pattern. I made this one completely by hand. Smallest cat would not stay out of the photo...
My quilt isn't made in white and blue, but it's often made like that.
Cats on Quilts and your pearl strands...makes for a great start of the day :D
Thank you CortezPearls. Unfortunately cats on quilts are the reason that I don't make them much anymore. They do ruin them quickly with their claws whilst running around. And I rather have the cats than the quilts. They are such lovely unpredictable funny cats.
Whilst making the Oceans Wave strand I accidentally made yet another painterly strand. I needed some blueish white south sea pearls for seafoam and they were in my mixed south sea rope...I didn't mind remaking that one because I did think that the bluish white south sea pearls made the strand look a bit harsh and not as harmonious. When I had all those south sea pearls on the beading board I suddenly realised that they looked very sunny and happy. They incorporated most colors of sunshine, even the white light when it's filtered through the clowds. So I shortened it to 17,5 inches and 4,5 inches and namned it Sunshine. I did save some of the greenish golden south sea pearls for my autumn strand.
Very happy looking. With the Ocean Waves strand
And with my other painterly strands.
Some pearls that I have put aside for the autumn strand. Forgot to photograph the purple edisons though. Greenish golden south sea pearls from Druzydesign
Golden south sea pearls from Druzydesign
Green tahitian drops like these, from cmw pearls
Some peacocky tahitian, maybe for tree trunks. They are quite murky, should be good in an autumn strand, from Druzydesign
The attempted keshistrand
I don't like it. I am thinking about making a bracelet out of it, a reversible perhaps with one dark tahitian on the light side and a white south sea pearl on the darker side. Maybe
These and some purple edisons and some ripples are the ones I have put aside. I am waiting for some more edisons and a few circled deep golden south sea pearls. I always adds those south sea pearls in every order...
Oh my goodness, Sunshine is sooooo lovely! Another beautiful addition to your gorgeous painterly strands :love: