Grading Mabe Pearls - 2) Mabe Shapes

Mabe pearls can have any shape desired, as long as you attach it to the mollusk’s shell. Some cultured pearls have done this same thing, especially some freshwater pearls that have used faceted mother-of-pearl beads to produce so called “diamond pearls”, or star- and even shuriken- shaped pearls, but in the case of Mabe pearls it is even much varied and you can find hearts, stars, teardrops, ovals, crosses, and basically, any other possible combination you can think of as long as there is a flat spot on it.

Even so, one of the most sought-after shapes is the aptly named “Classic Mabe” shape, which is perfectly hemispherical and with a high dome (not flattened). This shape is preferred by high-volume jewelry producers, since this shape is usually calibrated, and many jewelry items can be easily fashioned with this particular shape. Even so, most designers will prefer the whimsical shapes also available to produce one-of-a-kind items.
Mabe-Shapes.png - Common Mabe pearl shapes

Abalone Mabe, Mabe-gai Mabe and South Sea Mabe are regularly available in the classic shapes, whereas Cortez, Fiji and Tahitian Mabe usually lean on the more baroque and whimsical shapes.

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