Good pearls vs. play pearls?

Sea Urchin

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Feb 7, 2012
I have what I consider my "good pearls," more expensive, higher quality. And then I have a bunch of "play pearls" for fun, which are cheaper and which I'm not as picky about. Also, wondering if this tends to change as pearl IQ increases (or "good pearl" collection grows, ha ha). Just wondering if it's just me or what. :)
When I first started out, I thought A+ and AA pearls were awesome and I personally consider them to be "play" pearls I suppose. Pearls that I would not really care about if my daughter wanted to dress-up in them and run around the house...or ones that the wife can wear basically everyday, everywhere without really being concerned about special care or being stolen...or ones that I'm don't really care about who touches them and often use them as display pieces for customers to try on, do 'rub tests', and so on. But that's just me.
Sea Urchin,

For me it stays a mix, the selection just grows larger, lol! Some of my "play pearls," the funky, pondslime, uniquely misshapen with great luster remain a favorite. In other words, for me, the ones I favor aren't necessarily related to how much I paid.
I started out with rice crispy pearls many years ago, and still have some of the ones I strung myself in my procession.

I gradually improved the quality of pearls that I could purchase through the years, and have a "wardrobe" of pearls to suit all occasions, from very informal dress down days to very grand evening events.

I too have some "play" pearls that I do not mind being damaged, like being in a swimming pool or jacuzzi etc...

I have a wish list of what I would like to add to my collection. Hopefully, I have the means later in life to acquire them.

DK :)
I don't have any really nice ones yet, but I have black peanut pearls I wear a lot and restring frequently.
I too have the same question and approach. I own only one strand of good pearls and a few play pearl strands. I am finding I look at the play pearls to learn from them but I'm not wearing them very often. In fact recently I started given them away. I'm still learning and am using this forum to gain valuable information about pearls and vendors. I hope to add a few "good" pieces to my collection and I want to wear them regularly.