Getting a pearl ring wet

Apr 27, 2021
Can you get a pearl ring wet? It's one small pearl on a 14 k gold band. I'm not talking about washing your hands with soap, I'm just asking about if you happen to rinse your hands under the tap and dry them off right afterwards
Pearls don't mind getting wet - they come from water. It's the silk thread which really doesn't do well with rots. So, provided your mounting is secure, should be no problem.
Quick tip if you do take off any ring to wash your hands. Hold it between your lips. Don't put it down because eventually the one time you forget it will be somewhere public.
I always forget to take my rings off when I wash my hands. The pearls seem to be doing fine.
I would just recommend taking the ring off if you use hand lotions or creams...these end up on top of the jewelry setting and pearl and may "muddle" their appearance, so you may need to clean them :)
I am skilled at working around my rings :) Though the gem ones get a mild scrub with a soft toothbrush and detergent when I change them. I am sure that with our calcium heavy water it would much better to take off the rings before washing hands but let's be realistic...
What about toothpaste (on a toothbrush) as a pearl and jewelry cleaner? I've never used it but many swear by it.
Anyone tried it before?
I don’t know where the “toothpaste to clean jewellery” idea first came about...maybe when cleaning silver wear and brass candlesticks with silver paste or Brasso was the norm mid-century, but I definitely think the additives and abrasives in toothpaste should be a no go for pearls. Just my humble opinion.
Hey Camhatch glad to see you back! :D
I agree...but maybe the "older" toothpaste was "not as bad", having some abrasives that could help we even have a "revival" of old-style toothpaste (even with active charcoal). I think I do have to make this experiment and try some 3-4 brands and then share with the world.
I wash my pearl rings as well when I wash my hands. I just make sure the soap is light and I stay away from alcohol based hand sanitizers. Not sure if my practice is correct but so far the pearl on the ring looks same as before. As much as I adore my pearl ring, if it’s on my hand then it gets dirty and with the bug going about, it’s going to get cleaned with my hands
I had a freshwater pearl ring that I wore when I washed my hands. The (very small) pearl came off twice, and I found it both times. I glued it again, and this time it seems to be holding. I never have any problems with my antique Akoya ring, but I'm more careful with it.

I think toothpaste is too abrasive for jewelry. You'll get micro-scratches in the metal and any gemstone. Remember, the toothpaste is formulated to remove stains from your teeth. Over time, your gemstones will lose clarity.