Confusing Etsy description


Apr 5, 2020
I’ve just bought some samples of seed pearls from Wen Pearls on Etsy:

Under material is says pearl & shell, which I hadn’t noticed previously. Then under description it says Material: genuine freshwater pearl. These AAAA grade ones are nicer than the AAA sample I bought, and the AAA listing makes no mention of shell. I’m no expert so does anyone have any thoughts? I’d prefer not to buy ones made from shell. Anyone have experience with this seller?
It looks like they are genuine freshwaters. I learned my lesson early with Wen...when in doubt, email Wen. She's very good about responding.
FWIW, I think “pearl and shell” is a general category used by Etsy, rather then a specific description of this item. I’ve bought quite a few pearls from Wen and others on Etsy in this category, and they’ve all been real. These look like real freshwaters to me.
If these are the pearls you plan to have drilled at 0.6mm, I feel deep sympathy for whomever at Wen’s workshop will have to drill yards and yards of them! They really are tiny.
Wen is definitely quick with answering questions, they’ve confirmed they’re real. Thankfully as I had just placed my order for them (small panic over). I’m now noticing all the other obviously real pearl listings under the same category, does just seem to be a random Etsy category.

And a big sorry to Wen’s driller - as I’m new to this I kinda assumed there might be something automatic to drill for them!