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Hi... first time poster here...

I have an antique bracelet (c.1910) that has a diamond clasp that I'd describe as a "pearl clasp": the male side a "V" that hooks onto the end of the female side and then plunges into it. (there's probably a common term for a clasp like this...)

I'm concerned about security since bracelets are more vulnerable to mishaps than necklaces. Should I be? Is there any way to make such a clasp more secure short of adding a safety chain? (horrors!:eek: )

I was hoping you pearl people might have some thoughts!

Hi Bogus,

The fish hook clasp design is about the safest there is if the v-end has a blocking bar to slide around. The only obvious danger to your pearls comes from the diamonds in said clasp. Always make sure that your bracelet is stored in such a way that the diamonds cannot scratch your pearls. In my salad days of pearl ignorance, I thought that diamond clasps are an added-value factor until one badly scratched, actually outright cut into, my natural pearls.

Thanks, Zeide!

I presume you mean by 'blocking bar', the bit of metal that the V still hangs on, even if it's come out of clasp? (pic attached)

Great site, by the way...:)



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Hey Bogus welcome to the forums!

The clasp you showed is a pretty typical pearl necklace clasp and probably the safest. The only problem that sometimes happens is the "V" can sometimes get pinched too small and doesn't like to stay inside the clasp as well as it should, so occasionally you might want to spread it a little wider to keep the fit snug(I'd be careful with an antique though).
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Dear Bogus,
As long as you are still able to push the "V" shaped end and fasten it securely, I wouldn't be too concerned. If you notice that it is starting to give you problems with fastening inside the female end, then you may want to look into taking it to a jeweler for repair.
Thanks for the tips, everybody.

I feel much better now. I had been a little spooked about wearing this bracelet too much...