Chinese red fresh water Pearls


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Dec 7, 2023
Im not sure if they are the natural color or they are dyed? I can’t seem to find info online about them. Just bought a strand. Anyone has info? Thanks .
Edisons can have some red to them, but if they are regular Chinese freshwater pearls, they have been dyed.

This necklace shows a mix of dyed colors

dyed freshwater pearls

None of these colors would grow naturally in freshwater.
This is what they are calling “ chinese Red” basically a dark natural peach color


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I have a pearl lady i buy from in china very reputable. She says this is the “ new Chinese red” basically is a dark peach or pink consistent color that is the new craze and its being called Chinese red. ( im sure more marketing ploys but strands are nice in small and edison .
Peach and pink freshwaters have been around for years.

I found this listing.

They're pretty, but I would not call those pearls red myself. They look yellow and peach to me. I think the term red would be very popular in China and help to sell these colors. Sort of like how they renamed yellow diamonds as champagne color, or brown diamonds as chocolate.
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Thank you I’m just following what everybody saying that’s what I was curious about. But thank you for the link.
What's really funny is that this shade of peach looks dreadful on nearly everyone's skin so good luck with the marketing spin.
not my marketing spin, but I’m a customer who bought this strand. I happen to love it, but the color doesn’t always fit everybody. I can agree with you on that.