Casual Pearl Shopping in Hong Kong


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Jan 6, 2023
So im in Hong Kong for a week for vacation and sight seeing

Are there any places you guys suggest to find some nice FWP here?

Can i expect any good finds at the jade hawker market?

Any tips and tricks are much appreciated!
We visited Rio Pearl while in Hong Kong. I don’t remember what there was as far as freshwater pearls. More Tahitian and SS, I think. The sales people were very nice and they did barter from the tagged price. It’s not a place for bargains, but there was lots to look at and the prices were reasonable. Have fun shopping!
Are you going to test your heart and lungs with a trip to the Big Buddha?
Yes! We made it all the way to the top!

Disappointed at the jade hawkers bazaar.

Overly aggressive vendors, i couldn’t concentrate enough to examine what was there

All the pearls were either plastic or chalky.



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I took the BB slowly going up, then, having survived that I went back down in one and my legs gave out under me at the bottom like jelly. All while these little tiny Chinese ladies wizzed past me without breaking a sweat.
But the views, and the feeling of achievement, were worth the effort.