Any ideas please??


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Feb 26, 2024
My lovely silver & pearl ring just had an entire sheath of nacre come off!

Its a perfect pearl underneath, but I'm worried it may be loose in its setting without reattaching the nacre. I can't afford to take it to be repaired, but are there any diy glues that won't harm the pearl underneath that I could use to reattach it?

Any guidance would be gratefully received.

Thank you

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That is a Mabe cultured pearl with an extremely THIN nacre coating.
The "thing" that fell off is actually the nacre.
Underneath they usually are painted with a silvery epoxy paint, to give them a much better look.
Just use some Super or Crazy glue to attach it...but it may happen again.
I agree with Douglas. My mother had the layer of nacre on her mabe' pearl pendant come off once. What's underneath is not pearl, but the epoxy they use fill the dome of nacre with. As long as the glue dries clear, it should be OK to use. Just do not use too much.