Animal Farm: A Menagerie of Wild-Inspired Pearl Pins


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Aug 12, 2004
Known for their fun and funky pearl pins, Emiko Pearl debuted its newest assortment?a wide range of looks starting at retail prices of $10,000?in the AGTA Pavilion during GemFair Tucson last week. At press time, at least two (the elephant and the camel) of the 18k gold, diamond, and South Seas pearl jeweled pins were being considered for purchase.

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Actually if look at Emiko's website they have some very cool designs that use some HUGE pearls: although I couldn't get some of the links to work.
Fun... Different... But at that price I'd much rather have a string of pearls :rolleyes:

- Karin
lol - yes Karin its best to ignore the prices and enjoy the designs from a distance. I really love the one of a kind nature of the pieces and the thought put into using the shape of the pearl.
They are museum pieces, or will be. Thanks for your activity! It has been nothing less than exciting. Thanks!!!!!
They are museum pieces, or will be.

That's what I thought as soon as I saw them - "these aren't jewelry pieces these are pure artwork".
I still wish I could have seen these myself. They are amazing creations. I often wonder with advances in the FWP culturing process if they won't soon rival the south sea pearls in art jewelry pieces