365 Days of Pearls

Lisa C, my "cave" is a little folding table in front of my sofa. It has just enough space for an insulated water bottle, my phone, my little laptop FULL of books and wonderful pearl photos and articles thanks to all you lovely people, my headphones, and .... a beautiful little bowl filled with pearls :). It's the matter of a moment to be "away" somewhere beautiful. And all is good; even the young Walter is in a simple boot for 6 weeks. There will be lots of followup XRays (the ortho doc is the father of mountain bikers lol) but if all goes well he'll be out of the boot by swimming season. His ice hockey team is a little miffed it's not a HOCKEY break ... Oh yes Douglas, our boy likes ice cream too, but their favorite is the Mexican fresh fruit popsicle and frozen fresh mango chili concoctions truck; he usually rides over on his bike every day ... mom and dad are making sure he's well supplied :)
Oh yes! I love those popsicles too! In Mexico we have all the "traditional" popsicles (but all made with locally sourced fresh fruit, not artificial flavors) like strawberry, mango, guava, guanabana, tamarind, dragon fruit, cucumber, jicama, apple, pineapple (my mouth is starting to salivate now) BUT we also have the "chili based" versions...so they are made with this powdered salt, chile and lemon juice that makes them extra savory! Your young Walter has good taste! :arms:

What would you all think of a "Pearl Gathering" with "Pearlcicles"??? Imagine a vanilla flavored popsicle with white pearl in it? A chocolate one with a Tahitian pearl? Watermelon with a Cortez? I know...just looking for an excuse for a gathering ;)
The young Walter has a terrific and wise mom :) Douglas, that is exactly how this little truck makes their popsicles: all fresh fruit, no artificial colors, less sugar ... sometimes the game is to figure out what flavor they are :). When she stocked up the other day in anticipation of vaccine side effects, the photo she sent me was a pop of bright lime green, with black flecks, and red ... it turned out to be fresh frozen kiwi with fresh strawberries frozen into it. None survived the broken leg episode ... she had to make do with tylenol LOL. Yes, by all means yes to a popsicle themed Pearl gathering, but I confess I'm not putting my pearls inside a popsicle :) ... but we could wear pearls, while having dessert ... wouldn't that be dreamy?
You cracked me up CortezPearls @CathyKeshi... What about a gathering to find pearls hidden in popsicles just like kids searching for hidden Easter eggs? :biggrin::lmao:
I am sorry to hear about your Walters incidents CathyKeshi. I hope that they are all better soon. Why not have a pearl quest on your future gathering. Someone makes a piratey treasure map and then there are pearls to be found somewhere. Me and my sisters.use to make those maps all the time when we were childen. We dug down treasures first of course. No pearls however.
Just to meet, gather...would be dreamy :)
Thanks Charlotta ... he's 14 ... already hopping up and down the stairs on one crutch to get at his computer LOL. Tylenol? Who needs Tylenol? I'm 14, a hockey player, it's only a broken leg ... ah, 14 LOL. Oh, and after turning down grandfather Walter's knee scooter, he's reconsidered ... since he saw one on YouTube, all tricked out with color changing LED lights ... daughter's already figured out how to take him to the lake for dusk fishing off the handicap dock. Happy Mother's Day everyone!
Hi JerseyPearl, sorry, I missed your message. He will be 14 first week of June, so ... almost. Had his one week X-rays yesterday, and the bone is already healing, 5 weeks to go if all goes well ... the power of youth! Medical team then gave him a long lecture about the dangers of getting too cocky with the crutches or "you'll break your wrist and need your mother to help you in the bathroom for a long time" ... to which he replied "no I'll just order one of those seats with the little fountain on it" ... my poor daughter LOL! So all is well as can be ;)
I'm also looking forward to the "Tale of Two Walters" :)