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Recent content by nnguye20

  1. nnguye20

    Edison pearl vs the world: undyed, dyed gold, dyed black, dyed metallic?

    Hello, I have a person asking for advice regarding pearls, which is a good opportunity for me to remember what I've learned from the lovely experts on this forum and the CPAA course, especially dyed vs undyed. However, I came across a challenge? How exactly can you tell apart dyed edison and...
  2. nnguye20

    Writing about blue akoya

    Hi guys! It's been a while since I returned to pearl-guide, it has been quite difficult to maintain my hobby, both for pearls and minerals, with my current schedule and all the crazy things that have been going on. Quick introduction, my name is Rose Nguyen and I am a pearl and mineral...
  3. nnguye20

    Tucson show first timer _ need help and recommendations

    Hi guys! I am super excited to go to Tucson show for the first time ever! However, I could only attend from Feb 11-15, and the GJX show which everyone is mentioning ends on Feb 10? Are there any shows, lectures and booths for pearl collectors at other places that still happen after February 10...
  4. nnguye20

    Summer projects

    It's been a while since I posted anything on PG, since I'm trying to restrain myself from buying more pearls and save up my money for the Ruckus :P Anyway, I've been making some jewelries to wear for the event, feel free to tell me what you guys think. My craftmanship is still pretty rough so I...
  5. nnguye20

    What would you pair blue akoyas with?

    Hi tahitiangirl here are a few blue akoya pearls pairing ideas I'm having right now, hope it helps. I am personally struggling to decide between tahitian, edison and the quartz.
  6. nnguye20

    Chalky white spots on carved pearls?

    Hi everybody! I just got 2 beautiful carved pearls from Wen pearls and noticed that they have some white chalky spots. I really like the pearls but I hope to know what caused these spots and if there is any way to get rid of them. I tried to lightly washed and rubbed the pearls with soft cloth...
  7. nnguye20

    Golden south sea pearls from New etsy vendor, what do you think?

    Hi everybody! So I found this vendor on Instagram, he just opened his shop on etsy. After carefully looked at the photos he posted, I decided that he is selling real pearls, so I bought these gssp earrings. To be honest I was really excited to receive them and really like the pearls. So my...
  8. nnguye20

    Analysis Paralysis! Help!

    Pearlseeker1 I can understand your preference for color, but white pearls have different overtones too which might affect you. Do you prefer silver, pink, or cream overtone? Do you want metallic pearls or just high luster? Have you checked out the blue akoya? They pretty cool too but I dont know...
  9. nnguye20

    The pearl that got away

    So I've been eyeing for SoC loose pearls on the main Perlas de mar de Cortez for a while, and seems like I've always been a step too late. I missed out 2 pearls that I really wanted to buy already, the latest one was a copper-colored in the picture, and another one was a C grade but was huge and...
  10. nnguye20

    Candling pearl questions

    Hi everybody, So I have been on this forum for a while, and I have seen this cool method called "pearl candle" (Idk if I got that right or not?). So is it a simple method to see the nucleus inside the pearls? Can someone tell me how to do it in both complicated and simple ways? I tried to search...
  11. nnguye20

    Has anyone bought from simplyadorned4u on etsy?

    I found this shop called simplyadorned4u on Etsy and instagram and their jewelries are stunning and affordable. The pearls look real too. Just wondering if anyone has any experience buying from them? Thank you so much :o
  12. nnguye20

    Tahitian pearl geography

    This is something I always want to know, but so far I haven't found any online information about it. I noticed that sometimes vendors value tahitian pearls from certain places as more valuable/ higher quality? So are tahitian pearls from certain places (like Gambier, Fiji or Cook Islands)...
  13. nnguye20

    Nucleus beads rolling inside the pearls?!!!

    Hi everybody! I just bought these "blue Japanese akoya pearls" from an EBay seller called "chin's pearl", for 20 USD and around $4 shipping. I received them today and I think I just got myself faux pearls, but very interesting ones. So they actually look like the photos on eBay, good luster...
  14. nnguye20

    Need comments on these pearls (from various sources)

    Hi everyone! I've been using this forum for guidance for a few months and I am grateful for every feedback and advices I had received in my other posts. So I have been building my pearl collection since December of last year, and now I have a few pearls from various sources (and countries). Most...
  15. nnguye20

    Chin's jeweler on Ebay

    So I am on a pearl shopping craze (please don't judge me ) and I found this seller Chin's jeweler on EBay who sells pretty decent pearls with pretty great price. I am eyeing an akoya strand they offer for $250, and honestly I think it is a good deal (and I am bargaining for cheaper price). Has...