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Recent content by juliebeth

  1. juliebeth

    2016 CPAA Fiji Trip Report

    Ok this next installment is horribly late and not very large, just one photo...but on my walk the other day I captured the amazingness of my J Hunter pearls bracelet in overcast light. Just want to share....
  2. juliebeth

    2016 CPAA Fiji Trip Report

    ...and now that the thread is started, i will gradually add to it! i am slow here at the beginning, as i have only been back for 3 days and i am still JET LAGGED (as are my husband and 3rd grade son, who went with me). i will begin with just a tease... ...of pearls, of course! i only got to...
  3. juliebeth

    Natural American River Pearls - Short Profile Article

    oh wow, the jeweler featured in that article has some great items featuring natural river pearls! www.katuradesign.com
  4. juliebeth

    quahog pearls found in Nova Scotia, Canada

    oh i do love the quahog pearls. someday i will have a pretty little one of my own. until then i have pearl-guide and pinterest. :p this one was on ebay for, like, ever, i wonder if it actually sold: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/249738741809506998/
  5. juliebeth

    Photos from the Ruckus 2016

    A couple of random shots from the PearlParadise party!
  6. juliebeth

    Photos from the Ruckus 2016

    I only managed to get a few snaps yesterday, at pp, whilst poring over the Fiji lovelies for something like four hours! . Some of the basic selection of pearls...each one a marvel of natural engineering! narrowing down the selection by sorting for character and color (o! The colors!) a...
  7. juliebeth

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I too have pearls! Today a Hisano/PP design, Tahitians and tourmalines on sterling silver, with little green Tahitians and spinel dangling from my hoops.
  8. juliebeth

    Faceted Pearls, Examined.

    the faceted pearls i've liked best in person at least, are dyed freshwaters. the cheap-ness of the dyed freshwater pearl can really be negated by a lovely umbral effect from the faceting....of course, i wouldn't really consider these "fine pearls," that's not my arguement, just that i think...
  9. juliebeth

    Pearl charm bracelet

    I am horribly remiss in posting various pearly acquisitions for everyone else to see, so here's a start at a go. 😎 Earlier in 2015 i used pearl points to get a plain sterling charm bracelet from PP, however i ended up needing to get an extra link, AND once i got my various charms lined up just...
  10. juliebeth

    Abalone Blue Mabe Pearls from Eyris

    omg, and earrings at overstock.com! too bad i already blew my budget for the year. http://www.overstock.com/Jewelry-Watches/Pearls-For-You-Sterling-Silver-Double-Blue-Iris-Mabe-Pearl-Earrings-8-mm/10175179/product.html?refccid=CJE2ZXEROI5ZFSCBHDXOXNYBEE&searchidx=0&option=15455504
  11. 45" sterling, tahitian, and blue topaz tin cup.  worn long over plaid.

    45" sterling, tahitian, and blue topaz tin cup. worn long over plaid.

  12. 45" sterling, tahitian, and blue topaz tin cup doubled.

    45" sterling, tahitian, and blue topaz tin cup doubled.

  13. juliebeth

    Abalone Blue Mabe Pearls from Eyris

    there's one of those on ebay right now... http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Imperial-Pearls-Mabe-Pearl-Diamond-Pendant-Necklace-NIB-NWT-649-00-/121732147631?hash=item1c57cd29af
  14. juliebeth

    The Marquis of Fashion Decrees: Pearl Lapel Pins are IN

    noone wear suits anymore (er, not that often unless they're the c-level type), and certainly not hats other than baseball or trucker caps. alas, the death of the lapel pin. which is why i'm wearing mine right now on my sweatshirt. i am jaunty, indeed! here's where my kojima pin photobombed...
  15. juliebeth

    some new pretties