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  • Hello Mr. Shepherd,
    I am a recent member to pearl-guide. I'm seeking a pearl for an engagement ring and have much to learn about pearls. I am very set on purchasing a "found" natural pearl, but don't know how to go about purchasing such a pearl. Would you be able to answer some of my questions?

    Best Regards,
    Hi Jeremy,

    After lurking around for a year, I finally signed up for the Pearl Guide. Can you believe its been a year since the GIA Alumni trip?

    I was just looking on the Pearl Paradise website in the exotics section--Abalone Pearls. The last sentence in the introductory paragraph says to please note--"these pearls are sold. Didn't you want it to say that these pearls are solid? It makes it look like they're no longer available. Thought you'd want to know.

    Hello Jeremy,
    I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you so much for donating to the golden retriever rescue foundation. Your contribution is greatly appreciated by all the volunteers and the dogs :)
    Hi Jeremy,

    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit with myself and Blaire the other day. I really enjoyed going through your inventory and seeing what is selling. Thank you also for dinner and the sips of scotch - you are a very generous host and I hope I can return the favor in the near future.


    Jo Ellen Cole
    Jeremy your home page is fabulous - one day I will put some effort into mine! Thank you for all the work on the forum (and the $$ to do it) - it s just fantastic now, and an amazing source of information!

    Great photos, BTW!
    Hi! I've been watchng yr videos+the roundtable talk(which included the Honora guys)+their 'instructional/marketng' vids. I don't want 2 embarrass anyone, so I'm askng u privately.

    Some things HonoraGuys said don't agree w posts on PG.I'm wonderng what's true;I think I saw u wince and almost speak out during the roundtable
    1) they said tht older mussels made better luster than younger.Accordng 2 what I've read on P-G, older mussels don't keep gettng better w age.?

    2) in 1 of their vids,they said tht pearls were porous,th outer layers soakd up th dye. As I peel pearls,th dyed outerlayers don't feel like th untinted.
    In an early post you mentiond tht dyes u saw started as powders.

    Is th dye a lacquer-nacre-polymer or polymer-nacre mix,hardend w uv light,like dental compnd?Then, th dye-surface is bonded,not absorbd?

    Also,th surface of dyed pearls is tacky when wet,such tht th pearls r sticky. Is that th luster treatment?or th dye?

    Thanks so much, Lisa C
    Hi Jeremy, I have a question about a finding that may or may not exist. I actually had a dream about this, since sometimes I help myself go to sleep by trying to create new designs. This would be a precious metal circle with a hinged center post (like a head pin shaft) that would attach on the other side. You would be able to place a pearl onto the post and then close it. You could add gold beads, gem beads, whatever on either side of the pearl to accommodate any extra space and keep the pearl in the center of the shaft. It could be used as a pendant or possibly a clasp. The pearl holder part would have to be a small enough gauge wire to accept an average drilled pearl, but also sturdy enough for multiple uses. The outer circle (or I guess it could be other shapes) would more substantial, obviously. I'm not a metal worker, but if I were I would make one. Have you ever seen anything like this, and would this be something in which you think people would be interested?
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