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Recent content by doubledouble

  1. doubledouble

    18 ways to wear a 100-inch rope

    Some more thoughts on working with the rope. When most people do something like a 6-loop choker look, they do something like this: 6 continuous loops around the neck. Of course, this doesn't fit over your head as is so you must loop it into place and then readjust the slack so that the loops...
  2. doubledouble

    18 ways to wear a 100-inch rope

    Ok all, I don't really have the setup to do a video but I took some snapshots of the process for #9 aka the "nautical braid". The pictures are not pretty but I hope they are helpful for anyone else who wants to try this style! First arrange your rope in 3 loops like so. Create a ribbon loop...
  3. doubledouble

    18 ways to wear a 100-inch rope

    I picked up this 100-inch AAA freshwater 5.5-6mm rope from the PP summer sale! I had wanted my own rope since I bought one for my fiancee, and was eyeing an AAA rope for myself.... I was shocked to see this one in the sale at an AMAZING price. I had to snap it up. It arrived today, I started...
  4. doubledouble

    Lavender Freshadama studs for everyday- am I crazy?

    I want my next pearl purchase to be a pair of everyday earrings for myself, probably 7.5-8mm Freshadama studs. Now I am stuck trying to decide between white and lavender. White seems the most obvious, classic option, but I don't actually wear that much white- mostly dark colors, so I worry they...
  5. doubledouble

    My first pearl purchase

    Hi all! My fiancee has always liked pearls and has a couple of strands from her mother and grandmother. I decided to get her pearls for her last birthday after she was attracted to the Tiffany Ziegfeld Collection rope (http://www.tiffany.com/Shopping/Item.aspx?sku=29402523)). She doesn't like...