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  • Hello fellow singer! bbs7th could only mean one thing! ;)

    I posted a photo of my 2007 quartet, Road Trip just after your last post on the flameballs.

    We received fifth-place medals in the 2007 Region 21 contest. We weren't called Road Trip for nothing, which is why they found another lead to take my place. I live in San Diego, the tenor lives in Las Vegas and the baritone lives in Palm Springs. The bass lives a paltry 35 miles north of me. Their lead lives in Sedona, AZ, so the driving is a constant. It was too much for me with a full time job and school, but I really miss it.

    Stick around and please post photos of your gorgeous pearls when they arrive home.

    Hi sleight and thanks for the welcome! My girls are (almost) 5 and 6, so when I say "Fairytopia" you probably know what I'm talking about. :)

    We live in Grayson (near Snellville.) My husband and I love Decatur and get there fairly often for dinner--- Cafe Alsace, Cafe Lily, and the Brick Store Pub are big favorites.

    Not sure how much I have to contribute to the site, but I sure do enjoy learning about pearls!
    Hi bbs7th and welcome! I live in Decatur and am just now experiencing carpool with my 6yr old daughter. I don't post often, but this forum is excellent for pearl info!
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