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These were a gift...

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  • These were a gift...

    I don't know anything about pearls, but I was hoping someone would know what kind they are, and if I should have it professionally appraised...? Thanks!!!
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    It looks a bit like an "add a pearl" necklace. I remember those from when I was little (decades ago). You were given a gold chain with one pearl, and then every year someone would buy another pear to slip onto the chain. The idea was that you would have a full pearl necklace by the time you were an adult. How anyone ever got a matched necklace I'll never know.

    Are there knots between the pearls, or do they slide on the chain?

    Also, this necklace won't be worth very much, I'm afraid.


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      can you let us know if there are any markings on the chain or clasp to determine if its gold, gold filled or maybe if its signed My Shop
      West Pearls on Etsy


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        I think your best bet is to phone Taylor-Foster Jewelry and ask them about the details. They sold it and can give you information on their product.

        Here is their website: