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    Wow,I never thought so many of you would weigh in on this topic!I found a useful laypersons explanation on a googlesite-Ganoksin jewelry making gold jewelry tarnishing,that has a good image of tarnished gold .and words that I didn’t have to check in the dictionary!!


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      In common usage, the word "hallmark" is now used to describe the stamp that indicates metal purity. These dictionaries concur:

      1. Hallmark | Definition of Hallmark at › browse › hallmark
      an official mark or stamp indicating a standard of purity, used in marking gold and silver articles assayed by the Goldsmiths' Company of London; plate mark.

      2. Merriam-Webster dictionary:

      • \HAWL-mahrk\ • noun. 1 : a mark put on an article to indicate origin, purity, or genuineness 2 : a distinguishing characteristic, trait, or feature.
      Hallmark | Definition of Hallmark by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › hallmark

      3. Oxford dictionary:

      hallmark Pronunciation /ˈhɔːlmɑːk/

      • 1A mark stamped on articles of gold, silver, or platinum by the British assay offices, certifying their standard of purity.
      4. The dictionary on my computer states:

      hall·mark| ˈhôlˌmärk | noun
      a mark stamped on articles of gold, silver, or platinum in Britain, certifying their standard of purity.


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        We can all benefit from learning new things
        I mean, we are all familiarized with precious metals and stones and -of course- PEARLS. But this act of sharing knowledge is a powerful thing. I didn't know some labs used that "stone & streaks" testing at all! Thank you for sharing that detailed info Wendy pearlescence To find out the FTC's recent changes and rulings on gold...also very interesting and an eye opener!
        I mean there is very good information that has been compiled here and it all started with a "simple" (as a Teacher I can always say it with a great degree of certainty: There are no "plain" questions) question by barbaradilek

        So, kudos! I love this
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          pearlescence Seriously, I'm always learning new stuff! And let me just tell you Wendy knows her stuff...and then some! The UK and the EU have much more stringent regulations regarding assay/hallmarking than we do here in the USA.

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            The assay office assesses and marks the metal by stamping the quality and date but the sponsor (that's me for example, as the maker) applies our own unique sponsor mark. That's exactly where 'making your mark' comes from
            Mine is my initials in an oval cartouche.
            I'll try to remember to photograph my stamps when next I am doing some photography
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              When my family lived in England in the 1960s, my mother had a little book of hallmarks, because England had so many. I don't know what became of that book. My mother used to keep it in her purse when she went antiquing on Portobello Road.

              American hallmarks are much more standardized, and frankly, a little boring.


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                This is a wonderfully informative thread! I really appreciate the generosity of our experts in sharing their knowledge. Sometimes the setting of a pearl or the findings that come on a strand are hugely helpful in revealing more about a piece of jewelry. As a vintage lover and collector, I greatly enjoy “nerding out” on details like this. Thank you to everyone!