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  • Another Find - what do u think?

    These pearls I bought recently as "genuine" pearls and like them very much. But I have no idea what pearls they are. Do you?
    42 cm
    ca 4 gr
    1-4 mm
    Silver clasp

    Thanks a lot in advance!
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    They could be old cultured akoyas or they could be imitation.

    Try rubbing one pearl very gently against another to see if they slide easily (probably imitation) or if there is a little bit of resistance (probably genuine nacre). Accumulated skin oils/grime can make pearls a bit gummy/resistant also, so if in doubt, give them a bath first in mild warm soapy water (use bottled water if you have hard water). Dry by wrapping in a soft towel.


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      Thanks for your advices, PearlDreams, I can't wait to do all the tests when they arrive. And yes, my sentiments exactly, they could be akoyas. But did they really farm that small size up to 3 mm?
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        The "3.5 momme" strands so popular during wartime were graduated from 3-7mm usually but sure, cultured akoyas can be smaller.


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          That clasp is really pretty.

          Instagram: Ocean's Cove


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            As Pearl Dreams suggested, you might want to do a tooth testing after washing. Also check the thread condition as it may likely need to be restrung. Very nice clasp!


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              Thanks for your advices, the rubbing and the tooth test indicates, that they are not an immitation, as there is a clear resistance to feel. I still like them, but not for myself to wear it. Not sure, if I going to keep it.
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